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Cute Baby Dresses

Even small female babies already look very cute in a dress or skirt. But besides attractive appearance parents appreciate that baby dresses & skirts are made from pollution-tested natural fibres such as organic cotton or organic wool.

Baby Dresses & Skirts made of certified natural fibres

Textile materials that are free of chemicals and meet other different ecological criteria are, for example, eco-seals like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Fair Wear and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. While the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 "only" check for prohibited and critical substances, the GOTS seal goes further. GOTS certified clothing must have at least 70% certified organically grown natural fibres. Products that carries the label "organic" or "kbT" must contain at least 95% certified organically grown fibres. Chemical additives must be biodegradable. In addition to other environmental criteria processors and manufacturers must meet minimum social criteria based on the core standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

By choosing certified cotton or wool, you can be confident that baby dresses & skirts are made from natural materials tested for harmful substances and envelop the delicate skin of your baby comfortably.

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Baby Dresses & Skirts in child-friendly design

Fitting and design of baby dresses and skirts are selected in a way that they meet the needs of the newborn. Designer take care on the freedom of movement so that the child can feel comfortable in dress or skirt including wearing a nappy. At Greenpicks baby dresses & skirts come in many beautiful colours and patterns: from classic pink to colourful; with and without child-friendly patterns in marine or floral look and cheerful animal motifs. Combine a colourful baby summer dress with a plain t-shirt made from organic cotton or a baby winter dress made from organic wool with a pair of tights. Thus, the addition to the family is well dressed and feel comfortable in his own skin, if you opt for baby dresses & skirts and other baby clothing made of natural fibers.

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