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Sustainable Business Bags and Laptop Bags

In today's everyday life laptops, notebooks and tablets are indispensable companions in the office, in the university or in free time. Briefcases and laptop bags made of environmentally friendly materials or as an upcycling product offer as much secure protection for your treasures as conventional laptop bags. Furthermore they are trendy and extraordinary.

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Briefcases and laptop bags for eco nerds

The special feature of the business and laptop bags at Greenpicks is that the bags are consistently ecological and socially fair and meet strictly our sustainability criteria. In the manufacturing process, the notebook bags differ only by the use of the materials. Since there is on the one hand the manufacturers who design and sew new and unique laptop bags in an upcycling process from used materials such as tarpaulin, coffee- and tea bags, tires and tubes. On the other hand, manufacturers have specialized to manufacture business bags from raw materials and materials that are free of toxics and pollutants. These include, for example, organic cotton, organic wool, organic leather and organic linen.

Socially engaged companies provide the business and laptop bags in collaboration with sheltered workshops or with a NGO (Non Governmental Organization). This ensures that the people involved in the production process are rewarded socially and fair. In addition, social projects promote the integration of people into the workforce. And so you and we know in any case that every sustainable product at Greenpicks meets our sustainability criteria in terms of sustainability and fairness.

Whether backpack, laptop bag or a business bag: the green office for home and along the way

Instead of working in an air-conditioned open-plan office, it is no longer a rarity to work in a mobile office, ie to work from home and on the go. Thus, it is all the more important to be able to store the corresponding multimedia technology practically in a nice business bag. Fashion-conscious women and men appreciate laptop bags that combine the individual requirements for functionality, design and sustainability. The convenient transportation as well as practicality is particularly appreciated when traveling, which is why backpacks with a separate compartment are very popular for a laptop or tablet. Business bags and laptop bags as a mobile office are an all-rounder. In general, the practical bags provide plenty of room for laptop, cell phone, documents and tablet PC. Inside and outside pockets for storing accessories, valuables and items of office equipment bring order and clarity. You have the important documents always at hand in the green office, whether at home or on the move.

Even if all these technical devices do not yet meet always possible environmental standards – with eco laptop bags you show how environmentally conscious you are. That is because sustainability is now possible in many areas: Whether Eco Business Fashion or the green office ... many green alternatives are available.

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