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Sustainable digital media products

Computers, tablets, smartphones, and technical accessories are standard nowadays in homes and offices. They simplify a variety of tasks at the desk, when planning or are just game console and replacement for a classic TV screen. As is known, the digital devices consume many resources during production, such as metals and plastics. But nowadays, manufacturers are taking more sustainable ways to produce multimedia equipment and technical gadgets. Companies and producers of multimedia components that include social responsibility for sustainability management are actively improving the working conditions in factories that make computer accessories and digital gadgets. Without loss at performance, modern technical equipment strains notable less the environment, the climate and people.

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How can sustainability and multimedia be combined?

This starts with the quarrying of raw materials such as precious metals. The sources of cobalt & Co. can be Fairtrade certified. This ensures that the workers receive a wage that will enable them to live a fair standard of living. Access to education and equality between men and women are also among the fair criteria.

Desktop PCs, notebooks, mobile phones and gadgets are manufactured under resource-conserving conditions. That means for boards, memory cards and USB sticks, recycled metals and plastics can be used as well as new and sustainable materials made of bioplastics, bamboo and wood. Most of the chassis and encasements are made from these ecological materials. For homogeneous use, they can be separated, recycled and turned into new products.

It is also worthwhile for end consumers to use second-hand business computers, tablets, monitors and smartphones, which are brought back up to date by specialist companies with latest software, storage and hard disk expansion. For a fraction of the original price, there are "green second-hand computers & multimedia technology" on a business level, which are designed for a long bugless life.

Energy efficiency is worthwhile

Consumers recognize the energy efficiency and energy consumption of appliances based on the EU energy labeling. This applies to all electrical, digitial and motorized devices such as cars, washing machines, computers, PC accessories, Bluetooth speakers and ear headphones as well as other multimedia technology. A lower power consumption does not hit the pocket as much as conventional consumer electronics. On the other hand, the climate benefits because less CO2 emissions are emitted. Because the best energy is the power that does not need to be produced at all.

Energy-efficient devices that carry the Blue Angel or the Energy Star or are TCO-certified reduce energy consumption and electricity costs to a minimum. In addition, if the devices have individual components such as rechargeable batteries, boards, graphics cards, ear cushions for headphones, etc. and are replaceable in the case of being faulty or damaged, this increases the longevity of the products and reduces the amount of waste. Because: Planned obsolescence is the capitalist antagonist of sustainability, which has no chance of survival on Greenpicks when it comes to spare parts for sustainable products.

Multimedia and eco gadgets

Even if green multimedia technology is still in the fledgling stage – against the background of climate change, the trend will continue to environmentally friendly technology, which uses less electricity and reduces CO2 emissions. So some companies rely on natural materials – and on eco design. Others optimise the energy required to produce the hardware and rely on energy-efficient devices. At best, green gadgets and multimedia combine several climate-friendly sustainability aspects. And the slightly higher purchase costs amortize over the operating life and lifespan. Whether USB mass storage device, powerbank, Bluetooth headphones and speakers, touch screen ballpoint pen and smartphone holder or spare parts, at Greenpicks you can equip yourself with sustainable multimedia accessories and green entertainment electronics.

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