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Sustainable gift ideas for eco-minded women, men and all-gender

Sometimes you want to give away something that makes life easier and that is meaningful and sustainable. But how can you find the sustainable gift for women or men? How do you break away from stereotypical searches on the Internet? How do you formulate gift ideas in a gender-free and gender sensitive manner?

Categorisations have been in people's minds for a long time. The search engines are also conditioned on keywords such as “gifts for women” and “gifts for men”. Meanwhile it also happens that the different genders prefer different things. And if you want to be inspired, a categorisation into feminine and masculine gifts may be helpful. Gender-specific preferences cannot be denied and there are people who are specifically looking for typical gifts for girls or boys, for women or men. Still other consumers want clothing and toys that deliberately do without the pink-blue cliché.

A dilemma that we at Greenpicks would like to address constructively. We want to contribute to gender neutrality through our online marketplace for sustainable lifestyles. Meaningful and sustainable gifts are hidden in all Greenpicks categories. The “Gift Ideas” category offers a selection of gender-neutral gifts at Greenpicks.

The following texts are aimed at anyone looking for gender-specific gifts.

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Eco-friendly Gifts for Her

Young women and ladies of fashion are always happy about sustainable gifts. Eco gifts for women can be found in this category and in all eco shops at Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market. Women love extraordinary gifts as well as natural cosmetics and eco fashion. With wellness tea and body lotion made from natural ingredients a woman can really relax and leave her worries behind.

Gift ideas for eco-minded women

For that extra special and important woman in your life, nothing can beat heartfelt gifts for her. Nobody knows her style and tastes as well as the person she has chosen to share her life with and what a blessing that is for you. A special gift idea for your girlfriend or wife is a cuddly weekend in soft bedlinen made from organic cotton. Also, shoes, jewelry and handbags make women's hearts beat faster. Upcycling bags from recycled materials are handmade unique pieces, over which the ladies are glad and like to impress their girlfriends. If women are more practical persons and do not care for folderol, you will find a nice selection of home textiles made from natural, pollution-free organic cotton and eco kitchen accessories from bioplastics and FSC-certified wood. The sporty woman is inspired by gifts such as a yoga mat and a yoga cushion with fillings like organic spelt or organic millet.

Original and unique: Upcycled gifts for women

Original gift ideas for a girlfriend, wife, sister or mother make women's hearts beat faster. Especially popular are upcycling gifts for women. Whether a cell phone pocket, tote bags, shoulder bags, an extravagant designer table lamp made from eucalyptus wood and seat belt or a hanging lamp, made from a disused traffic light – so you always give away something unique. Upcycling and recycling are not only trendy, but already recycled materials are used and environmentally friendly. So extraordinary designer gifts for women that inspire are created.

To really cause a suprise, let yourself be inspired by the many sustainable gifts for ladies at Greenpicks. There are organic gifts for her for every occasion and for every age. For delicacy there are culinary gifts for women in Fair Trade quality.

You do not found a suitable gift? – Then, browse under inspiration.

Eco-friendly gifts for Him

One may think that it is difficult to find the right gift for men. Ask yourself what the men like that you want to give presents to, what they like to use or always have wanted. Men like gifts that serve a practical purpose. For example suitable accessories for technological devices, such as a laptop bag or an iPhone case. Are men averse against buying clothes, you can please them with stylish eco fashion such as an organic t-shirt or an eco jeans. Men who love to cook, are happy about sustainable kitchen accessories from bioplastics or FSC-certified wood or upcycling fridge magnets to attach important messages visibly. Eco gifts for men are also cosmetic products with natural ingredients. The cosmetics gift set for the male body care is equipped with everything that men need: organic soap, shaving soap and aftershave. And culinary gifts for men for delicacy there are in Fair Trade quality.

Upcycled gifts for eco conscious men

Or how about an upcycling wooden sign with a witty saying as an original gift idea for men? For this purpose an upcycling key board with spark plugs. And as a stylish and useful addition an upcycling wardrobe made of wood residues and champagne corks. These are handmade unique pieces with which real fellas can impress their buddies.

Sustainable gift ideas for men for every occasion

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for men, gifts for Father's Day or the birthday of your best friend, simply browse through the eco shops at Greenpicks. Our gift finder is not limited to the category gifts. Be inspired by the sustainable products as potential gift ideas for men. If you do not find here a suitable gift for the best husband in the world, then you could simply give as present time together. This can also be inspiring after many years of marriage.

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