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Training toys for dog sport

Dog sport is the activity program for humans and dogs. Sports such as agility, obedience and tournament dog sport are popular leisure activities. Dog sport is exercise, fun, competition and education. Training toys for dogs should be adapted to the natural disposition and abilities. This ensures that the dog retains the interest in the movement and is neither unchallenged nor overwhelmed.

Dog exercise training toys according to ecological standards

In interaction with humans and dogs both come constantly into contact with the training toy. It is irrelevant whether one pursues this activity only because of social contacts or to fullfil ambitious examination requirements. Clearly, the welfare of the dog in harmony with nature should always be in the foreground. Eco training toy meets all requirements and combines environmentally friendly production under fair and socially acceptable working conditions. New and recycled raw materials are tested for harmful substances, which can be identified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, 100, Made in by Green OEKO-TEX® and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

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If dog exercise training toys do not contain animal ingredients, they can also carry the PETA-Approved Vegan seal that distinguishes vegan products. In addition to ecological criteria, the Fairtrade seal also provides information about the ethically correct production of dog toys. These include i.a. adequate payment, well-regulated working conditions and the prohibition of exploitative child labour. Because the people involved in the production should be given as much appreciation as the beloved four-legged friends.

Eco dog toys for training purposes

Eco training toy can be used with any dog, provided that the exercises are adapted to the dog. Balls, squeaky toys, feeding bags, frisbee and even the classic stick can be used as an educational tool. Ecological dog toy for training purposes is based on natural shapes and designs such as carrot, melon, eggplant, ham joint, salami and the slipper, as is known, dogs like to take it in their sights. The imaginative toy for dog sport can of course also be used only for playing. For the subsequent reward dog owners always have ready a few treats in a storage container. Eco exercise training toys are sturdy and safe. It is subject to similar safety standards as baby toys, in which no small parts may come off as well. Especially with larger dogs, the toy must withstand the bite force and must not splinter.

With sustainable training toys from the Greenpicks dog shop, as a team humans and animals can perform at peak power or only be active together and have fun. Tip: Complete the sports equipment for dog exercising with tossing toys. Of course, the fetching toys are also manufactured according to eco standards.

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