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Kids Dinnerware at Greenpicks

Non-toxic children’s dinnware for little sweet tooth

Children's first attempts to eat are an adventure and a challenge at the same time. Not infrequently, porridge, noodles, vegetables and pudding land on the table and clothing instead in the mouth. Child-oriented tableware supports the little sweet tooth in their purpose of food intake. Form and design are adapted to the child's needs.

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Round and colourful – Eco-friendly baby tableware

Large bowls with rounded edges are suitable for babies and toddlers. The baby dishes have a non-slip bottom. Cheerful motifs and colourful colours motivate the novices to continue to make after blobbing and breakdowns. A bib made from organic cotton additionally protects the clothing. With a baby spoon made of bioplastics, the children can bring the mush along the rounded edge of the plate more easily onto the spoon. For the first autonomous drinking attempts, sippy cups or baby bootles with a child-friendly drinking nozzle are recommended. They are also stable, easy to handle and do not leak when they tip over. Suitable children’s mugs in non-toxic quality are BPA-free, so-called no plasticisers.

Non-toxic children's dinnerware

Nowadays children's tableware is not only selected purely in consideration of the functional aspects, also the motifs and harmless materials play a decisive role. Melamine tableware is conditionally suitable, since it can only withstand temperatures of less than 70 degrees without dissolving tiny parts of the melamine resin. More sustainable and robust are children's dishes made of bamboo, bioplastics, porcelain and glass. These materials also have the advantage that they are, e.g. like bamboo are from renewable raw materials or are recyclable as bioplastics and glass.

Proper sustainable crockery for older children

The more children eat, the more the accessories change with the meals. The bowls for porridge are exchanged for a set of dishes. This consists of a flat and a deep plate or a bowl as well as a drinking cup or mug. Also, the dull cutlery makes away. With a more sharply fork, vegetables and potatoes can be spiked; with a slightly sharper knife you can also cut peppers, asparagus, and meat. Bamboo and stainless steel are the best choice for children’s cutlery. Both materials are food-safe, pollutant-free and recyclable.

Due to its nature dishes made of porcelain and glass are more fragile than tableware made of plastic. At the same time it is more filigree and has a noble effect on the laid table. In the life of a child comes the time that it behaves at table like an adult and wants to be treated as well. This also applies to cutlery and crockery so that the entire family can now eat from an uniform or colourful crockery. In the sustainable sense, glass and porcelain dishes should be free of cadmium and lead. It is also advantageous that dishes made of glass, ceramics and porcelain are often dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. However, some decorations last longer when hand washed.

Sustainable children’s dinnerware for all ages

Greenpicks offers a wide range of sustainable children’s dishes: individual cups and mugs, boards, bowls, and plates, which can also be combined to a complete set for children. Whether with funny motifs and patterns or figures from well-known children's series: for all ages there are children's tableware in colourful designs and in eco-quality!

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