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Cleansing Reduction thanks to washcloths

Cleansing Reduction is not just a relatively young beauty trend but is based on approved studies. Basically, it is enough to shower two to three times a week. Scientifically proven is that excessive hygiene destroys the natural protective coat of the skin and dries out the hair unnecessarily. After sports or on particularly hot days, it is often enough to have a quick shower without soap. Simply rinse the sweat with water or even better: use a washcloths to clean the sweating areas. But the mini towel is in many ways a useful accessory in the bathroom, when eating or traveling, especially in a household with small children.

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Washcloths in skin-friendly organic quality

Whether for babies, toddlers or adults – with intensive skin contact a washcloth or wash glove should be made of organic cotton. Only certified organic quality ensures that the natural fibres are free of pollutants. Ecological seals such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Naturtextil IVN certified BEST and Fairtradeensure that the organic cotton used is already in the cultivation without pesticides, chemical fertilisers and other toxic pollutants. Toxic substances and toxic dyeing processes are also prohibited in the subsequent processing. In this way, the natural raw material is good for the skin, good for the people who are involved in the production and good for the environment. Experience an incomparable feeling when you use washcloths in organic quality for body care.

The mini towel for body care

Washcloths are household helpers in many conditions of live. Whether for soaping in the bathtub, changing nappies or feeding – a baby washcloth is very useful for the body care of the sprouts. Soft, absorbent and skin-friendly washcloths are made of organic cotton. Muslin clothare also suitable for everyday cleaning.

Also suitable is the small cloth made of cotton terry for adults. Instead of cleansing pads, the face cloth is perfect for removing make-up and can be washed at 60° C and reused. When traveling, it serves as a wet wipe. And if it lacks a clean sink, a besmeared child's mouth can be cleaned quickly. You can also use washing gloves in which you can easily slip with your hands. And in the sauna you can wipe the sweat streams from your face with a terry cloth.

Hygiene tip: To ensure that germs are not spread over the body, make sure that the tissues are not used for different body regions. For hygienic reasons it is worth buying several washcloths; one for the face, one for the bottom, etc.

Wellness and first aid with washcloths

However, a washcloth does not only have practical advantages with regard to body care. In the area of wellness and first aid, it ensures well-being. Washing gloves are excellent for a light massage. In case of nose bleeding or headaches, a washcloth soaked with cold water provides relief on the forehead or in the neck.

Washcloths and towels in a uniform look

For a uniform look in the kitchen and bathroom, there are washcloths and towels in a set with matching colours. The colour palette ranges from plain to colourful, from striped to floral, with cute animal motifs for babies and toddlers. Washcloths in saturated colours are not only reserved for minimalists, but also give each bathroom a noble and quiet expression. Radiant colours like orange, yellow and red set accents. And most washcloths and washing gloves are practically: with a small loop you can hang them almost everywhere; even on a nail, on a branch ...

Use organic washcloths and at the same time set a clear sign for both a comfortable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Greenpicks keeps available for you the practical and easy-care cleaning aid for more cleanness in skin-friendly organic quality.

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