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Cutlery and knives with ecological characteristics

For cutlery and knives, it is sometimes difficult to find sustainable products. Which ecological characteristics should cutlery and knives meet and at the same time be functional and suitable for everyday use?

Eco-friendly cutlery – as found at Greenpicks – is produced from resource-conserving and recyclable materials. These include, for example, stainless steel, bioplastics and wood. Some of these materials are completely biodegradable, others can be recycled.

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Regional and fair production

Even with knives and knife blocks, environmentally conscious consumers can now choose from a sustainable range. Some knife manufacturers are producing locally and thus secure jobs in their home country. The knives have handles made of beech or cherry wood or olive wood. These raw materials from sustainable cultivation are FSC-certified and are provided with vegetable colors and oils. Bamboo, a fast-growing, ecological material, or beechwood serve as a starting material for knife blocks. If the knife holders come e.g. from Asia, they are generally based on a fair production. The Fair Trade seal ensures that the persons involved in the processing are adequately paid for and work under good conditions.

Durable and recyclable: cutlery and knives made of stainless steel

For daily use, cutlery made of stainless steel has proven its worth. It is robust, easy to clean and can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. In addition, stainless steel is recyclable without loss. Here the variety ranges from classic to noble design. Who wants to clean his silverware nowadays? Especially since there is only little fair obtained silver, that can be processed to silver cutlery, napkin rings and jewelery.

If you would like to enjoy a tasty steak in organic quality, you will not be able to do without a steak knife. Fish is best cut with a fish knife. Vegan people, however, do not need these types of knives.

Organic cutlery for children

To avoid that the first eating attempts of children in the true sense of the word do not blow up in their face, there is special children's cutlery. The design of the knife, fork and spoon is shaped child-friendly. Rounded cutlery pieces prevent the little ones from hurting themselves when eating the food. A sustainable eating tool for children is made from organic materials, also known as bioplastics. For example, fibers of bamboo, meadows grass, corn and other natural raw materials. In contrast to plastic cutlery, eco-friendly cutlery is harmless for children, inter alia without plasticizers, such as bisphenol A. The robust and durable versions made of stainless steel can be passed on for generations.

Everything included – eco-friendly cutlery sets

First apartment or large family? – Depending on the size of the household, cutlery sets are practical, which include different numbers of cutlery parts. A basic set usually consists of knives, forks and tablespoon. Frequently also cake forks and coffee spoons are included. Larger sets also have serving spoons, serving fork, soup ladle and sugar tongs. An all-in cutlery set is also equipped with steak knives, fish knives and other serving cutlery.

Sustainable Cutlery – a purchase for life

High quality and sustainable cutlery is certainly not the cheapest purchase in a household. Please bear in mind that it is this acquisition for life. Because cutlery in sustainable quality is characterised by a long service life. And environmentally friendly plastic is a set of plant material. It is energy-efficient, ie based on renewable raw materials and generally recyclable. Depending on the occasion and the food, choose the right cutlery from Greenpicks. This also applies to the preparation of food. Because already here non-toxic materials are important.

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