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Sustainable Women’s Jewelry made of natural materials for any outfit

Who would think about the origin of the beautiful ring, she gets as a present? Also jewelry and women accessories should meet our ecological conscience. There are chains, rings and bracelets, which are made fairly and environmentally. And they are not even much more expensive.

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Upcycling Jewelry and Eco-friendly Jewelry for Women

Unlike conventionally produced jewelery, the historical origin isn’t mysterious neither for eco jewelery for women nor upcycled jewelry. Bejewelling accessories are made locally by goldsmiths in gold or silver from fair trade. The jewelers are committed to good working conditions and to protect the environment, considering common health effects.

As a beautiful alternative to gold and silver upcycling jewellery is in line with the trend. Creative designers transform disused bicycle tires and tubes, seatbelts, leather and wool remnants, handmade paper, wood, old newspapers into unique jewellery. New to the recycled jewelry is only the clasp of nickel-free metal. And if possible, even the closures of old jewelery are utilized to necklaces and bracelets. To avoid contact allergies, you should be careful when choosing women's jewelry that this is nickel-free.

Fair Trade Jewellery

Fair Trade jewelry is often made in small workshops in Asia. If the jewelry manufacturers belong to the world shop umbrella organization or an NGO (non-governmental organization), they are trained in the sustainable use of their environment and teach this to their children. Thus women from surrounding villages in rural communities receive the opportunity to contribute a part to the livelihood of their families.

A natural necklace with stone or earrings from handmade paper often give blouses, dresses, shirts and sweaters the final touch. It does not always have to be women’s jewelry made of precious metals. Natural materials such as shells, gemstones, recycled stainless steel or wooden elements underline the individual character.

Simply combine ethnic jewellery from Fair Trade with a floral dress and an upcycling bag in retro look. Wooden watches equipped with a brand clock mechanism are free from irritating chemicals and therefore often suitable for allergy sufferers.

Feminine natural jewellery for an individual green lifestyle

Women’s jewellery in organic quality is characterised by the processing of particularly fair produced or recycled materials. Here luxurious appearance and sustainability are combined cleverly. Start a sustainable trend and carry to a business meeting or a family celebration an extravagant statement necklace, made from fair trade precious metals or high-quality processed recycled materials. So you are guaranteed in the spotlight and inspire other women to do it like you.

Instead watches from plastic or with chrome tanned leather strap, women's watches from wood and bamboo are height of fashion and the sustainable alternative par excellence!

The more simple the look, the more noticeable the jewelry can be, and vice versa. If you have a classic dress code in the job, you can upgrade your costume or trouser suit with upcycling jewelry to a hip touch, while classic understated jewelry underline a serious appearance. The important thing is that you like it and the decorative eco accessories are well matched. Good choices include earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings in the same design, but can also be worn separately with different outfits. So the wearer even ensures more sustainability. Whoever carries its jewelry for a long time, conserves natural resources.

With matching eco jewelry you can style your look individually and give a simple basic wardrobe optionally a modern, elegant or classic touch. And always sustainable and fair! You find fair produced eco jewellery on the marketplace for sustainable and ecological products: Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market!

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