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Kitchen Accessories at Greenpicks

Sustainable kitchen accessories

Cut, whittle, hook, shape and store – what would a kitchen be without practical helpers? From cooking spoon through to pastry brushes up to lemon squeezers – the range of sustainable kitchen utensils at Greenpicks leaves nothing to be desired.

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Kitchen supplies made of bioplastic

Especially when it comes to food, you should make sure that these do not come into contact with harmful plasticisers, bisphenol A and bisphenol B. For a food-friendly processing of food kitchen accessories made of bioplastic is just right. This is produced based on renewable resources and CO2 reduced and is biodegradable. In terms of quality and suitability for daily use practical aids for the kitchen made of bioplastics are in no way inferior to their fellows made from petroleum. They are dishwasher-safe, freeze-safe and convenient stackable.

Practical helpers for the kitchen made of FSC-certified wood

Whether salads, vegetables, cakes or desserts: With lettuce knife, salad servers, bowls, pudding mold, vegetable peelers, cutting boards made of bioplastic and FSC-certified wood you succeed tasty meals in a breath and with high biological quality. If you prefer homemade pasta, you are well served with a pasta shaper. And if anything is left over or if you precook larger quantities leftovers and provisions can safely be brought into practical storage containers.

Freshly ground grain becomes healthy bread. Who wants to bake bread with self-grind cereals such as wheat, rye, spelled, kamut, barley, corn, rice, millet and buckwheat and also wants to save power may prefer to use the "operated by muscles" grain mill. The result is a fine wholemeal flour with all the vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre which are contained in the grain. The manual milling process also promotes mindfulness and perhaps you know once more to appreciate good ingredients for baking. And manually-operated household appliances such as a cutting machine (bread slicer) from stainless steel do not only cut the freshly baked bread, but also many other foods.

So do not hesitate. Do yourself and the environment a good thing: Increase your enjoyment and help to conserve fossil fuels by opting for kitchen accessories made from environmentally friendly raw materials.

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