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Cloth Trousers at Greenpicks

Cloth Trousers for Women – the Variety in pure Organic Quality

Jeans are probably the most popular trousers within the legwear. They are strong in combination and with a hoodie they become a casual companion at leisure. With blazer and blouse, the denim pants are suitable for the office. But honestly! Sometimes women feel the need to dress up. Or there are occasions that require a stylish appearance. Then it's time for cloth trousers!

It appears in various designs, fits, cuts, patterns and colurs. Cloth trousers such as suit pants, loon trousers, bell bottoms, crease, pleated trousers, Capri trousers, cargo pants, chinos, corduroys, culottes, functional trousers, straight trousers, harem trousers, sweatpants, dungarees, leggings, 7/8 pants and drainpipes are concealed under the generic term cloth trousers or women’s trousers. This means all long legwear for ladies. The short variants are hot pants, shorts and Bermudas. If you love the variety, you will find cloth trousers for women in organic quality at Greenpicks.

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Women‘s trousers made of certified natural fibres

From a visual as well as a sustainable point of view, you will leave a fair impression everywhere with organic women's trousers. Thanks to the ecologically proper materials, you will always feel comfortable in your skin. The trousers made of certified organic cotton, linen and other natural fibres are an inspiring example of sustainability and are manufactured under the strictest requirements of ecology and fairness. Among other things, to recognize organic seals such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), natural textile IVN certified BEST, Fair Trade and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Depending on the manufacturer, buyers and purchasers of Eco Fashion will find internationally recognized organic certificates in the Greenpicks sustainability criteria.

The proper organic trousers for every type of feminine figure

Every woman is born with a specific body shape. A distinction is made between five types of figures: A-type, V-type, H-type, X-type and O-type or also called pear type, apple type, hourglass, inverted triangle and lean column. Straight and tight trousers look good for an A-figure. The hourglass figure (X-type) works best in discreetly plain, but also strikingly colourful legwear, such as straight or slightly flared pants. While the apple shape (V-type) cuts a fine figure in patterned, light, long and slitted trousers or skirts, tight trousers have an advantageous effect on the banana shaped figure (H-type). Plain harem trousers, also known as Sarouel pants, with a high waistband conceal on the curvy A-figure, but also on the full hourglass body shape the zones of belly, hip and thigh.

As the warming corduroy pants is for the winter, the Chino are popular summer trousers for women. The ecological twill fabric, mostly made of organic cotton, is light and airy and very comfortable to wear. The skin-friendly quality usually prevents annoying smallpox, which can be caused by excessive sweating in the summer. Chinos have a wide cut on the buttocks and thighs, which decreases towards the ankle and gets tighter. Also, with Chinos women find different fits, so that there are suitable and casual trousers for almost every type of figure. While Chinos in drainpipe shape tend to emphasize a slender figure, Chino's conceal thick thighs that fit casually on the hip and are rolled up. Casually and waist-high cut at the hips, they hide small problem areas with ease.

Comfortable women’s trousers for sports, leisure and at home

The most elastic among the trousers are the leggings. Known as sports pants, they have conquered their place in the fashion world. The pants are made of elastic materials such as organic cotton, spandex and organic jersey and adapt perfectly to the body and its curves. A perfect fit is guaranteed by the elastic waist. Their popularity is due to their fashionable versatility. The leggings can be combined from casual to sporty to elegant with already existing tops.

Like the leggings, the sweatpants have their origins in sportswear. Known as tracksuit trousers, the sweatpants are combined with various outfits. With long-sleeved shirt, gaudy T-shirt, sneakers and upcycling backpack or upcycled messenger bag, the comfortable trousers are made to go out.

Extravagant 5-pocket style pants for women

Well-known is the five-pocket style of the jeans. Women's cloth trousers in unsophisticated 5-pocket style, the comfortable organic cotton stretch quality make this kind of pants to a trendy fashion companion. Small details on the front and hip pockets give the jeans-like trousers an extravagant look.

All cloth trousers at Greenpicks convince with their skin-friendly and harmless organic quality, which is achieved only through the use of ecological materials and their environmentally friendly and fair processing. A variety of combination options makes the trousers for women a reliable companion at work, at leisure and on festive occasions.

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