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Sustainable Belts for Women made of recycled Materials

For some women belts are just practical, so pants do not slip, and clothes sit in the desired position. For fashionistas, however belts are indispensable accessories that give the clothes the finishing. Upcycling belts made from recycled materials such as bicycle tires, seat belts and worn-out leather products are in vogue. For the development of an upcycling belt almost any material is usable that has to be saved from the dump. Generally, the metal clasps are made from recyclable stainless steel and therefore also suitable for people with nickel allergy.

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Slim and Wide Women’s Belts

Discover in the eco-friendly webshops at Greenpicks slim belts for fine performances. They emphasize femininity at a straight figure and flatter wide hips. A slim belt generates an elegant look in combination with a pair of trousers, a plain white organic blouse and high heels or loafers.

Wide belts attract attention to slender women. The waist variants emphasize depending on pants cut a slim waist. Combined with an eco dress wide belts underline the hourglass shape.

Eco-friendly Belts for stylish effects with sustainable character

If women’s belts are made of organic leather, at greenpicks.de/en either it is recycled leather or organic leather. Since leather belongs to natural textiles, the use of synthetic preservatives will completely spared. Organic leather is tanned with natural fats and waxes and coloured with vegetable dyes. They are at least as durable as conventional leather belts. In upcycling belts the resource-efficient reuse of disused materials is to the fore. They are only as far as necessary combined with new raw materials.

Consciously chosen eco accessories give your outfits unexpectedly new accents and emphasize your personal style. With women belts in organic quality, you give your look that certain something where they also set an expressive statement for naturalness, sustainability, and fairness.

Whether made of fine organic leather, cork or recycled materials, colourful or in subtle tones: A belt for women sets stylish effects that complete your outfit in a fashionable and sustainable way.

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