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Coffee & Tea making facilities at Greenpicks

Coffee and tea making facilities for a responsible green lifestyle

Coffee connoisseurs and tea lovers do not only want the best fair trade coffee or organic tea, but also the best accessories for preparation and storage. At Greenpicks, you'll find coffee and tea making facilities that fit perfectly to coffee and tea from fair trade. From the water kettle – the old-fashioned version of the water boiler – in modern design. From thermos cups to pollution-tested dishes and tea and coffee cans.

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Coffee press made of glass and stainless steel instead of fully automatic machine

For many people, a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea is the jump start in the day. When it comes to the aroma, the gentle preparation is as much an art as the storage of the precious raw material. Instead of spending a fortune on an electric fully automatic coffee machine, it is worth investing in a coffee press; also known as cafetière and French Press. Made of glass (without lead and cadmium) and a stainless steel strainer, the coffee press is recyclable, but is also cost-effective and maintenance-free compared to electric coffee machines. In a kettle of non-toxic glass, boiling water is a stylish process. A manually operated coffee grinder, made of wood from local forestry, saves electricity. The process of grinding is meditative, if you like to celebrate drinking coffee.

Coffee cans preserve the aroma

A storage container for coffee should seal the grist airtight so that the aroma does not fly away. In addition, the coffee can be made of food-safe, pollution-tested materials such as stainless steel, glass and bioplastics, so that the coffee powder does not come into contact with pollutants. For various coffee specialties such as cappuccino, latte macchiato and espresso, renowned manufacturers offer perfect glasses and cups of sustainable quality. If you prefer to drink your coffee on the way to work, you can do without the coffee to go from the plastic cup. Refillable takeaway cups save money and reduce the waste of disposable cups.

Teapots made of non-toxic glass and porcelain

Passionate tea drinkers know how superfluous a tea machine is, which has yet to be filled by pads. Tea connoisseurs celebrate making tea. The modern water boiler, a glass water kettle, is both visually appealing and functional. Teapots made of non-toxic porcelain and glass, with and without filter and tea strainer, are vessels of long-lasting quality. During a tea hour, the aromatic hot drink is kept at a drinking temperature with a tea warmer. If your tap water is very limy, a water filter is recommended for the preparation of coffee and tea. Double-walled insulating cups made of stainless steel are ideal for drinking tea on the go, picnics and camping.

Tip: Traces of limestone on glass jugs and glass jars can be removed with some citric acid (dilute it with water).

Coffee and tea making facilities from responsible production

If you are looking for sustainable quality also for other coffee and tea accessories, the eco-friendly online shops at Greenpicks offer sugar cans, milk jugs, plates, cups and serving plates made of recyclable materials such as glass, stainless steel and porcelain.

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