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Kitchen Textiles at Greenpicks

Kitchen Textiles made from Pure Natural Fibres

Home textiles also play a significant role in the kitchen. Especially against the background of sustainably produced kitchen textiles made of natural fibres, synthetic fibre blends and polyester should be avoided to protect the environment. This is because the abrasion ends up as microplastic in the waters and damages them.

Kitchen textiles made of certified organic cotton are the classic. The natural fibre is particularly absorbent and easy to care for. Tea towels, aprons and tablecloths can often be washed at 60° C, sometimes even 95° C. In organic quality, the fibres are not only from certified organic farming, but also dyed in an environmentally friendly way, so that there is no harm to humans or nature. Tea towels made of organic cotton will dry crockery, earthenware, porcelain, glasses, pots and cutlery for many years. Organic linen tea towels are the first choice for particularly delicate glasses, vases and pots. Unlike cotton tea towels, linen dish cloths do not leave fine grooves.

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Lintfree Drying and Polishing

Tea towels made from organic linen. The natural fibre has a high absorbency and removes residual moisture from dishes, glasses or cutlery without leaving streaks after washing up. The linen is made from the flax fibre, which is cultivated in a certified organic way. Often of European origin, so that the transport routes to the weaving mills and manufactories are reasonably short. Whether plain, chequered or with a waffle pattern – the organic linen kitchen textiles are dyed with environmentally friendly and non-toxic colours.

The organic tea towels are available in practical sets. The individual sets, each consisting of several tea towels, are coordinated in colour and design. The sets contain plain-coloured tea towels that are complemented by matching tea towels with patterns. Potholders and aprons complete the potpourri of practical and sustainable kitchen textiles.

Tip: Tea towels are multifunctional. They do not only dry up glasses, cutlery and porcelain, but are also helpful for cleaning windows and mirrors and for dusting. Especially kitchen towels made of organic cotton or pure linen are good for soaking up liquids and wiping away splashes.

Mixed Fabric made from Organic Linen and Organic Cotton

Half-linen cloths for drying dishes combine the advantages of both natural fibres. The mixed fabric is particularly absorbent and leaves no streaks or lint on glasses. Half-linen has a long service life because the fabric is very tear-resistant.

Organic kitchen textiles create a homely atmosphere and support the necessary hygiene measures for worktop, glasses and dishes. Anyone who washes dishes by hand needs lint-free tea towels. And since not every dishwasher dries reliably either, cutlery and crockery often need to be reworked with a drying towel.

Essential kitchen textiles in organic quality

Practical utensils like pot cloth and oven gloves ensure that you don't burn your fingers when lifting hot pots and baking trays. An apron protects clothing from hard-to-remove grease splatter and other stains that could land on clothing while cooking and baking. In this sense, an apron is a resource-saving measure that reduces the need to wash garments and allows them to be worn for longer.

Tablecloths and placemats fulfil two functions at once: they are decorative and protect the table surface from jam splashes and coffee stains.

Minimalistic, practical and decorative at the same time is the combination of placemats and table runners. Separate place mats are used for plates and glasses. The centrally placed table runner looks decorative, elegant and likewise serves as a practical pad for bowls, candlesticks and decorative elements.

Table runners and placemats in a coordinated design create a harmonious overall picture. Within the range, the organic kitchen textiles can be combined as desired.

With modern colours, patterns and cuts, kitchen textiles are experiencing a renaissance, supporting a sustainable lifestyle with high-quality organic cotton and organic linen.

This is what sustainable kitchen textiles are all about

Sustainable kitchen textiles do not only make the world a little more colourful, but also more environmentally friendly. Whether tea towel, oven gloves, placemats; whether round or square, whether plain, striped or checked – kitchen textiles at Greenpicks are characterised by high quality, careful workmanship, timeless design as well as long durability. They are made from valuable natural materials and produced according to strict certified environmental criteria (e.g. GOTS, the Green Button, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, etc.).

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