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Hot beverages with full flavour

Depending on the culture you grew up in, you may prefer coffee, tea or cocoa. Some even prefer both. For connoisseurs, this always means one thing: coffee or tea must develop its full flavour. As well as the thrill of a full-bodied taste, this is also about feelings of well-being and self-gratification.

Fair trade coffee, tea, and cacao

The Fairtrade label is particularly well known for coffee and tea, as well as chocolate and spices. The production of Fairtrade tea, Fairtrade cocoa and Fairtrade coffee focuses on sustainable environmental, economic, and social practices throughout the production chain.

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Organic Coffee, Tea, and Cacao: Nature’s Aromatic Gifts

Organic quality has become standard in the world of aromatic brews such as coffee, tea and cocoa – easily identifiable by the prestigious organic seals and Fairtrade labels. These organic delights are harvested from the purest sources, where certified organic farming practices reign supreme.

Strict organic standards govern the cultivation of these plants, ensuring no trace of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilisers or genetically modified seeds. It's all about respecting and maintaining the harmony of the ecosystem. This sustainable approach includes holistic farm management, conservation and energy-efficient practices, especially in the processing stages.

For those who enjoy their coffee and tea with an environmental conscience, the pure, natural flavour is just the beginning. The organic growing process not only preserves the terroir, but also embodies the ethos of fair trade – an important factor for conscious buyers of organic coffee, cocoa and tea.

Health, the ultimate good, is as important to consumers of organic beverages as it is to the workers on the plantations. These organic products are a testament to the fact that the best flavours are those that care for both people and the planet. So when you sip your next cup of organic coffee or tea, enjoy a taste that reflects the healthy principles of nature's own garden.

Purity of organic with every sip

At Greenpicks, tea lovers will discover a delightful selection to suit every taste, from traditional blends to herbal delights. This curated collection features the finest organic black, rooibos and wellness teas, as well as a variety of medicinal herbs for hot infusion.

For those who love organic coffee and cocoa as well as organic tea, Greenpicks takes inspiration from Oscar Wilde's simplicity of taste, ensuring you're always treated to the finest. Indulge in the luxury of choice and the purity of organic with every sip.

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