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Hot beverages at Greenpicks

Hot Beverages: Organic Tea, Coffee and Cacao with full Flavour

Depending on what culture the person is grown up, one prefers coffee, tea or cacao. Some even both. For delightful people it always means one thing: coffee or tea must develop the full flavour. Besides the thrill of full-bodied taste, this involves also emotions like feeling good and self-reward.

Fair Trade Coffee, Tea and Cacao

The Fair Trade seal especially wellknown with coffee and tea as well as chocolate and spices. In the production of Fair Trade tea, Fair Trade cacao and fair trade coffees is put emphasis on a sustainable, ecological, economic and social orientation during the entire production chain.

Coffee, tea and cacao organic quality

Coffee, tea and cacao are increasingly available in organic quality, to be recognized by the German or European organic seal. Organic coffee, organic tea and organic cacao originate from certified organic farming. According to strict regulations for the organic cultivation of coffee, cacao and tea, in the cultivation of coffee- and tea plants it is omitted to pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers and genetically modified seeds. Following the principle of sustainability, the cultivation of coffee, tea and cacao works in that way that the eco-system remains in order. These include holistic, operational procedures, a resource-saving approach to nature as well as energy-efficient production in the further processing. For environmentally conscious coffee lovers and tea lovers in addition to the natural, pure taste, the environmental advantage in the growing areas and the principle of fair trade conduct important criteria when buying organic coffee, organic cacao and organic tea. The great good "health" is as important for the consumer of organic coffee and organic tea as for the plantation workers.

The rich organic tea range at Greenpicks will appeal to lovers of classic teas as well as to herbal fans. The range includes black tea, rooibos tea, colds tea, herbal tea, wellness tea and various organic medicinal herbs for hot infusions.

Whether organic coffee, organic tea or organic cacao – keep it like Oscar Wilde: "I have the simplest taste: I am always satisfied with the best."