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Cuddle & Pacifier Cloths at Greenpicks

Eco cuddle cloths and organic pacifier cloths

Love, closeness, security and cuddling are next to food the most important needs of newborns. There are moments when parents cannot be on the spot when it asks for cuddling because they are for example preparing the baby food. Now, eco-friendly cuddle cloths and organic pacifier cloths are perfect helpers to keep the baby happy while lying in the cradle. Frequently the cuddly blanket accompanies the little ones about the kindergarten time up to the first school year and donates courage and confidence to master every new stage of life.

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Cuddle and pacifier cloth in organic quality

While some children covet a stuffed animal, for other toddlers the cuddle and pacifier cloth is the object of desire. The soft cloths in triangular or square shape are often provided with details such as head, four legs or paws and resemble a cuddly toy. Equipped with a ring or knot, the cuddle cloth gets the character and added benefit of a grasping toy or teething ring. By the way, the baby trains its gripping reflexes and hand-to-eye coordination. If the teething ring attached to the cuddle cloth has different textures, the baby can relieve its teething pain by chewing on the ring and at the same time sluggling to the soft cuddly blanket. The handy size makes cuddle and pacifier cloths a practical baby accessory that fits in any changing bag and any luggage. This way, parents are well prepared for the journey and for a shopping trip and the child always has his cuddly friend, on the way to the kindergarten and when traveling.

Cuddly dolls and comfortable cloths made of natural fibres

To explore their environment, babies first take everything into their mouths. In addition to design and useful properties cuddle cloth should also convince by ecological criteria. That is why Greenpicks only offers pacifier cloth and cuddly dolls made of natural fibre. High-quality natural materials include organic cotton and organic virgin wool as well as natural silk. Saliva-safe and non-toxic colours are free of pollutants and harmless to your child. The natural fibres are robust and durable. Cuddly dolls and toys contain filling materials that are tested for harmful substances and are allergy-friendly. Plasticisers, bisphenol A and B, phatalates and chemical ingredients are also taboo in this baby toy. On unnecessary details such as buttons is also omitted, so that they cannot unstick and increase the risk of swallowing.

Environmentally friendly values of cuddle and pacifier cloth

Even vegan families find at Greenpicks cuddle and pacifier cloths that contain no animal ingredients. Sustainable production under environmentally friendly and social and fair conditions is a matter of course for manufacturers. International and European organic labels only certify those companies that adhere to the ecological rules of the game. Fair trade is a lived responsibility to guarantee a worthwhile livelihood for workers harvesting organic cotton and are involved in production. While parents and children at first only recognise the loving design of the cuddly dolls, behind each organic cuddle cloth are hiding many environmentally friendly values.

Child-friendly development aid for cuddling

Rabbit, Bear & Co. combined with a pacifier cloth are cuddly friends, listeners, comforters, provide encouragement and sleeping aid for toddlers. Child-friendly designed faces and the soft natural fabric arouse the need to cuddle. Instinctively, the baby reaches for its favourite plushed toy. At the top of the ecological popularity scale are the sweet little Waldorf dolls, cuddly blankets and grasping toys from Nanchen. The faces are painted by hand and, according to Waldorf's model, kept minimalistic and simple, leaving room for one's own imagination. Also in demand is the cuddly cloth by Sophie la Girafe, which combines organic cotton and natural rubber. Cuddly and pacifier cloths are timelessly designed to be companions who accompany the young earthlings throughout their childhood. By the way, the baby discovers new surfaces and structures. The senses are sensitized and trained. The cuddly blanket supports the child-friendly development in a natural way.

Cuddle and pacifier cloth for the layette and as a gift for birth

When it comes to sweet dreams, first buddy for babies or giving comfort, cuddle and pacifier cloth at Greenpicks are ecologically and health immaculate toys. The organic pacifier cloth is ideal as a gift for childbirth, as a christening gift and complements the layette with a useful toy. Finally, a tip: When the beloved cuddle toy is being washed, in the short term a muslin square can serve as a replacement.

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