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Going for a walk keeps dogs, mistress and master fit

Movement keeps dogs fit. The entire musculoskeletal system is trained and strengthened. Bloodstream, circulatory and metabolism are boosted. Exercise in the fresh air strengthens the immune system. And even mistress and master of a dog benefit from health, if they go walkies twice a day with their four-legged friend. Free run is in the nature of the dog, but is limited because in many places using leashes is mandatory. For this reason and for the dog's own safety, leads and collar or harnesses are the most important dog accessories. For identification, the dog should always wear his dog licence tag, TASSO badge and name tag. Conveniently attach the "dog papers" to the collar.

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To see and to be seen, is the motto when the walk with a dog takes place at dusk and in the dark. Important dog accessories are therefore a flashing collar, reflective leads and collars. And so that the other end of the leash can be seen by other road users, dog owners should either have reflectors on the jacket and possibly also wear a reflector vest.

Dog toys offer variety for go walkies

Dogs love excursions and variety. Whether a sporty dog training, a playful walk the dog or a bike tour with your dog – the trips must be tailored to the breed, height, age and health condition of the dog. Tugger toys, dog toys for fetching, throwing and searching give variety. The four-legged friends love to explore new paths, to get in contact with other dogs and to sniff and mark new areas. With all activities it is important that the strength, length and thickness of the leash and circumference of the collar match the size of the dog. In addition, a harness gives more control over the dog than a collar.

Leash, collar and dog harness made from recycled materials

Anyone who loves pets and keeps a dog or one or more cats also changes its awareness of nature. Sometimes there are trivial things that make the difference. For example recycled materials such as polyester, cotton, hooks and eyelets, old canvas from sails, recycled wool, worn jeans, car tires, bicycle tube used to make dog accessories and pet supplies. All over the world, pet supply manufacturers use recycled materials and use them to create dog leashes, leads, collars, harnesses, dog clothes and dog toys in an upcycling process. Dog‘s accessories made from recycled materials are just as robust as ecologically correct dog items made from organic cotton, sisal, hemp, coconut fibre, bamboo and bioplastics. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or Oeko-Tex-Standard 100, for example, inspect fibres from certified organic farming and certified species-appropriate husbandry for pollutants. Fair, social and ethical criteria can also play a role in the manufacture of dog accessories for going walkies.

The dog waste bag is standard equipment when going for a walk

Standard equipment when you take your dog for walkies is the dog waste bag. It is simply unseemly and rude to fellow human beings to leave the dog's legacy on pavements, sidewalks, roads, flowerbeds, playgrounds and communal green spaces. No one wants to step into dog dirt or even slip on it. That's why the dog waste bag is an indispensable dog accessory. A statement of Greenpicks for hygiene and thoughtfulness, for environmental protection and conservation of nature!

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