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Wine & Spirits Glasses at Greenpicks

The right (non-toxic) glass for wines and spirits

Basically, a wine and spirit glass should be functional and aesthetic. In addition, the choice of the right glass for wine and fruit brandy depends on shape, the height of the cup and the diameter. Wine glasses and spirits glasses are designed to develop optimally the characteristic and the aroma of the different grape varieties and fruit brandy.

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Wine and spirits glasses without heavy metals

The material is not unimportant when it comes to choosing the wine glass. Regardless of whether you want to enjoy a full-bodied Bordeaux or fruity Silvaner, a sherry or grappa – the starting material "glass" should also be free from heavy metals such as cadmium and lead during the manufacturing process. Greenpicks offers an environmentally friendly and non-toxic range of high-quality wine and spirits glasses, which meet every requirement of a glass in organic quality.

Some wine and spirits glasses are mouth blown and made according to traditional art of glassmaking. Also industrially produced wine and spirits glasses do not contain any heavy metals.

Alternative: wine and spirits glasses made from recycled glass

Wine and spirits glasses from recycled glass are also found on the well-laid table. It is advantageous in the sustainable sense that less energy is consumed in the production process of waste glass. The use of recycled glass saves natural resources, e.g. the primary raw materials quartz sand, soda and lime. In addition, glass is 100% recyclable and can be disposed of in the recycled system of municipalities in the waste glass container.

Energetical Wine Glasses

Wine glasses, composed according to the Natural Law of the Golden Ratio and constructed from leadless glass, change the crystal structure of the wines and enhance them biological.

Types of wine glasses: slim, bellied, short and small

If, for you, the non-toxic quality for a white wine glass, red wine glass, sherry glass, spirits glass and digestive glass is in the foreground, we provide you with a brief overview of which of the glasses is suitable for which type of wine and for which fruit brandy. For the wine gourmet-to-be (ladies and gentlemen) the following wine glasses could be considered:

White wine glass

Slightly bellied, almost slender and long-stemmed should the white wine glass be like. The small goblet prevents aromas from evaporating too quickly. Since white wines are always drunk cooled (at 10° C to 12° C), the glass is held on the handle so that the hand warmth does not affect the bouquet of the white wine.

Red wine glass

An "opulent shape" is a must have for a red wine glass. It should have a large round bellied chalice. Thanks to the voluminous cup and the enlarged surface, the red wine can unfold its scent and flavours optimally. The height of a red wine glass should be slightly curved inwards. This facilitates the pivoting, increases the oxygen capacity and promotes the development of the flavour. Basically it can be said: the more full and varied the flavour, the more "belly circumference" should a glass have. The category of red wine glasses also includes the Bordeaux glass and Burgundy glass.

Dessert wine glass

Of particular flavour and sweetness are dessert wines. In small quantities dessert wine is drunk from a small wine glass with a small goblet. Thus the compressed flavours do not develop too much and indulges the connoisseur with a taste experience. The glasses for Sherry, Port wine, Madeira and Co. are similarly designed.

Champagne glass

Champagne glasses with a slender stem and a narrow tulip-shaped cup or flute glass are recommended for champagne. In the bowl, the mousse flies quickly away. These are better suited for sparkling wine cocktails and other cocktails.

Tumbler – the trendy wine glass

Trendy are stylish but always stemless tumblers. The beaker is a glass with a reinforced base. Extremely practical and robust, they are particularly suitable for garden parties and on the go. However, since tumblers are without a handle, the hand warmth can influence the drinking temperature and therefore also the flavour.

Spirit glass and digestif glass

Also the enjoyment of high-proof beverages such as grappa, old cherry, aquavit, grain schnapps, liqueur and fruit brandy requires the right glass. The shape has a decisive influence on developing the aroma. A distinction is made between simple shot glass and digestif glass. While schnapps glasses are characterized by a simple design, small size and high stability, digestif glasses are almost shaped like a wine glass, only smaller. The shape – calyx, belly underside, tapering upwards – ensures that the scents and aromas of the distillate develop optimally and become an intense taste adventure. A special feature in this section is the Whiskey-Tasting-Set including a scent stopper.

Degustation glass

A degustation glass is used to assess the quality of the wine with all senses. The glass should be colourless and without any flourishes to determine colour, clarity and consistency.

Perfect relish without pollutants

If you are looking for robust wine and spirits glasses in organic quality, you should choose glasses with the Greenpicks sustainability criteria "reduction of pollutant", "recyclable" and "regional production". A good wine deserves a suitable glass without heavy metals, not only to celebrate stylish enjoyment of wine, but also to protect the environment and the people involved in the production process.

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