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Elementary pet supplies: the dog leads!

"Cast off" is unfortunately the wrong motto when taking the dog for walkies. In many places leads are required for certain dog breeds. Therefore, the leash is an elementary dog accessory next to dog collar and harness. In addition to the duty to walk a dog on a leash, it provides security for the dog and protects the mistress and the master from major damage, if the four-legged friend does not stay at heel and possibly harasses fellow human beings. In this respect, the dog leash is almost the extended arm of the owner. In order that the communication between owner and four-legged friend runs smoothly, the dog lead should be adjusted to the size, weight and the temperament of the dog as well as to the needs of dog and owner and use. In addition, sustainability criteria play a role, so that dog accessories leave the smallest possible ecological footprint (paw print).

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Sustainable leads for a whole dog life save resources

The ecological quality of leashes for dogs results from the robust material such as e.g. made of vegetable-tanned eco-leather (also available in recycled leather). The organic material is soft and supple, but also dirt-resistant and water repellent. A damp leather lead should be treated with leather care after drying. So it keeps its sturdiness and often holds for a whole dog life. For vegans, a leather leash quits, but there are also dog leads made from recycled raw materials such as sailcloth, jeans, canvas and nylon or natural fibres such as hemp and sisal; often to be bought together with a collar as a set. Recycling and upcycling in pet supplies for dogs are eco-friendly measures that conserve resources and recycle raw materials that are already in the cycle.

The right dog leash for every style of walk a dog on a lead

The allrounder among the dog leads is the leash. The carabiner hooks at each end of the leash make them flexible. One snap hook is attached to the collar, the second carabiner is clipped to one of the metal buckles incorporated into the leash. Thus, the lead is adjustable in length and allows use as a shoulder strap and jogging leash. Going for a walk in the city and in the park, but also on a bike tour with a dog as well as for training on the dog training facility, the leash is a practical dog accessory.

The retractable leash offers the dog more freedom of movement and allows it to satisfy its urge to move and its curiosity. Because of the comfortable rolling and breaking system the dog owner retains full control and the dog the greatest possible freedom. Reflective leads also increase safety and visibility at dusk and in the dark.

Like the retractable lead, a leash for seeking offers great freedom of movement. The tow ropes are available in lengths of 3 to 20 metres and have no hand strap, so that the tow rope does not get tangled in the branchwood. The dog gives its head while performing a search mission. The long leash is mainly used in dog training, dog sports and hunting. The tow rope should always be attached to a dog harness. Who is traveling with the dog in the woods and meadows, should choose striking colours, so that the leash is in contrast to the ground.

Eco dog lead increase the safety for dog, owner, environment and nature

Dog leashes are the perfect equipment for both the daily walk with the four-legged friend as well as for dog training and for dog sports. They increase the safety for dog and owner in the traffic, but also in the forest and in the dog school. And if a dog owner cares about the safety of the environment and nature, the leads for dogs at Greenpicks are the right choice. Because here you can find in the range of pet supplies for dogs leashes in sustainable quality, which are just as hard-wearing and durable as conventional dog leads.

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