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Everything for the Bathroom: sustainable & non-toxic

Whether modern, exotic or Mediterranean – the furnishing style in the bathroom reveals much about the character of the respective resident. Especially in the eco bathroom, the harmonic furnishings, combined with bathroom accessories, ensure that the residents appreciate sustainable, non-toxic and durable materials. For what used to be a suitable room for body care is nowadays a comfortable oasis for washing, showering, bathing, shaving and relaxing.

In the bathroom category there are sustainable inspirations and bathroom ideas for every taste and every purse. When choosing the colour of the towels and bath mat, you should orientate yourself by the paint of the wall, tiles and floor. Also the incidence of daylight and the size of the bathroom play a decisive role in colour selection. Bright colours in a small bathroom are more spacious; dark and light accessories should be used here – if at all – only sparingly. Large bathrooms, on the other hand, tolerate dark tints.

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Skin-friendly bath textiles in organic quality

If you are looking for harmony in terms of colour, you prefer bath towels and washcloths in the same colour. If you also emphasize skin-friendliness, you take bath and shower towels in organic quality. These are made of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton. The popular natural fibre is processed from the cultivation to the production to the finished bath product without pesticides, chemical substances nor other toxic additives. This does not only please people with allergies, but every type of skin.

Often, towels & Co. made from organic cotton (additionally) carry the Fairtrade seal. This guarantees that the products were produced under fair conditions. Small farmers can feed their families from the cultivation and sale of organic cotton. Children and slave labour are taboo. The ecological and social conditions in the workplaces are respected.

"Textile Confidence" (“Textiles Vertrauen” in German) also known as OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, compared to the high-quality testing method Naturtextil IVN zertifiziert BEST only checks for certain harmful substances in the finished product.

Wood, bamboo, hemp, bioplastics and stainless steel in the eco bathroom

In addition to textiles, other sustainable materials such as wood, bamboo, hemp, bioplastic and stainless steel can also be used in an eco-friendly bathroom. The sustainable consumer relies more on organic quality than on bulk goods from the DIY market and One Euro shop. In addition to the requirement for long-lasting bathroom products which are free of pollutants, environmental reasons can also play a role. Instead of a cheap soap dish made of plastic, which at the end of its useful life further increases the pile of rubbish, the purchase of a soap dish made of stainless steel and wood is one-time. Besides, stainless steel can be recycled without loss and wood is biodegradable. The wood used usually comes from regional forestry, which means short transport distances to the manufacturing company. Or it carries the FSC® seal, which marks sustainable forestry. Made from the same source of wood furniture for the bathroom is a sensible and sustainable supplement. And at the end of the period of use, such bathroom products do not give toxins to the environment.

Sustainable bathroom

A sustainable bathroom can be white and simple or colourful and fancy. Ecological tendencies can be identified at a glance. In terms of colours, shapes and patterns, there are no limits to the imagination. Clashing with the style is allowed! A high-quality sink on a washbasin, made of recycled pallets – why not? In the end, only one rule applies: permitted is what is pleasing, environmentally friendly and non toxic.

The advantages of a sustainable bathroom outweigh in comparison to a modern bathroom. Those who opt for sustainability do not always have to follow current trends, thus it saves money and protects the environment. Because sustainability is reflected in longevity and high quality.

Minimalism in the bathroom

The minimalistic bathroom is dominated by clear lines and simple colours. True to the motto "less is more" the furnishings are always reduced to the essentials. It is possible to combine bathroom accessories, bathroom furniture and towels from various ecological styles. Plain organic cotton bath towels are stored in an upcycling shelf, while the washing stand or a wall cupboard is made of recycled pallets or eco certified wood to store the most important utensils.

Upcycling in the wet room

Those who focus on upcycling in the bathroom should like recycled materials such as wood, sheet metal, aluminum, stainless steel, leather and possibly also plastic. The convertible materials are an integral part of upcycling. Designers and small manufactures are transforming outdated fabrics into curtains, chests of drawers, shelves and storage systems.

Green lifestyle in the bathroom

A well equipped bathroom includes a soap dish made of soapstone or stainless steel with organic soap, a fluffy bath mat made of bamboo, recyclable toothbrushes and cuddly organic cotton bath and shower towels. Practical are also small baskets or shelves for the storage of bathroom articles. Decorative appeal candles, homemade dried flowers and photographs.

No matter which Green Lifestyle in the bathroom you ultimately decide for: The benefit should always be compatible with design and sustainability. The useful and sustainable products for the eco bathroom at Greenpicks serve as a suggestion.

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