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Pacifiers and Teethers designed to soothe the baby

Babies have a natural need for sucking. When they come into the world, they are usually breastfed. The sucking on their moms nipples satisfies this need. Thus, the baby does not necessarily need a pacifier. For a baby is a soother recommended if it has a need beyond the breastfeeding phase. Also, pacifiers and teethers are occasionally a suitable means to an end, if the baby cannot be calmed down with caress, swinging and loving words.

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Organic pacifiers made of eco-friendly materials

Nowadays manufacturers work closely with pediatric dentists and orthodontists to develop and design pacifiers for babies of all ages. Shape as well as ecological and skin-friendly materials play a crucial role. Soothers are anatomically correct, adapting to the baby's mouth so the pacifier is always in the proper position. A curved shield, big air holes and an innovative inside surface all comfort baby and help prevent skin irritation. Ergonomically shaped pacifiers come in different shapes:

The round sucker in cherry shape is modeled on the nipple of the mother. Similar to the pacifier in drop shape, in which the suction part is only slightly flattened. Orthodontic soothers with flat suction are flattened at the bottom and the support for the lips is particularly narrow. The pacifier models are available for babies and toddlers from 0 to 36 months.

Pacifiers in organic quality are usually made of natural rubber (latex), which is obtained from sustainably managed plantations. They are free of PVC, BPA and phthalates and artificial colours. This natural material is well tolerated by many children. An alternative are soothers made of medical grade silicone. Regardless of the material, the dummy should only be cleaned by hand or in specially designed equipment. Appropriate cleaning instructions are usually included with each product. For storage, pacifier boxes are used.

Depending on the manufacturer, pacifiers comply with the EU standard EN1400, the US regulations CPSIA and the AUS regulations AS 2432-1991 (Fair Trading Safety Standard for baby pacifiers).

Which organic pacifier you choose for your offspring, is pure a "matter of taste". In addition to the harmless materials, it is crucial that your baby likes its dummy, so that it would like to suck it. Then the calming effect unfolds automatically.

Pacifier chain, dummy strap and pacifier cloth are lifeline

Many eco pacifiers are equipped with mounting options. The snap ring on the pacifier is very handy for attaching a pacifier chain, a dummy strap or a pacifier cloth. These baby accessories are a lifeline for pacifiers. They prevent it from getting lost on the walk and falling into the dirt. For this purpose, the loop is attached at one end to the pacifier and stapled with the help of a clip, velcro or rubber band at the other end of the child's clothing, the stroller or on the baby sling. Toddlers who practice in the non-Olympic disciplines "pacifier long throw" or "pacifier-long spitting" and thus engage the parents to look for the coveted comforter, is thus softly stopped. The baby can continue its game unhindered and for parents, the pacifier is always within reach. Soother strap, pacifier chain and comforter cloth definitely make life easier for parents with babies and toddlers. Please only use pacifier chains if the baby is under supervision and do not extend them because of the possible risk of strangulation.

Even for the practical baby accessories only natural fibres are used, such as wood and / or certified organic cotton. The colourful child-friendly designs are painted with water-based paints and dyed with harmless and saliva-safe colours.

A pacifier has addictive potential, because toddlers find sucking very pleasant. Therefore, it is recommended to start weaning after the first year of life. Restrict use to certain times. And make a little farewell ritual with your child to make it easier for them to renounce.

Sustainable teething rings and non-toxic teethers

Like pacifiers, teething rings have a calming effect. They are especially useful when the baby starts teething. The teething aids massage and cool the aching gums and relieve pressure during teething. non-toxic teethers meet certain ecological standards. They are both free of bisphenol A as well as of PVC, plasticisers and harmful dyestuffs. In addition to natural rubber, recycled plastic is also processed into teething rings and grasping toys, which for example is obtained from milk churns.

Teething rings have simple forms and colours as well as they are colourful and playfully decorated. Some models with cooling function are filled with ice gel or distilled water, so that in addition to massage the jaw, the extra cooling relieves the pain during teething. Furthermore to this variety of teething aids, the giraffe is probably one of the most famous teethers. Worldwide Sophie and her friends have enjoyed great popularity for generations. They relieve the teething pain and as a multifunctional baby toy they additionally entertain the toddler.

Combi toy and teething aid

Many teething rings are equipped with additional functions. Some teething aids have an integrated gripping ring and various surface textures that additionally promote motor activity as well as hand and eye coordination. Cleverly, teethers and first baby educational toys are combined with each other.

Pacifiers and teethers belong to the baby basic equipment

Soothers, teethers, teething aids and pacifier chains appertain next to diapers, bodysuits and baby bottle definitely to the basic baby equipment. Pacifiers and teethers can be found in the sustainable baby accessory range at Greenpicks.

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