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Organic Goodies – the tasty symbol of the reward

In dog training, rewarding the desired behavior is the most effective way to influence a dog's behaviour. Often the dog is served goodies with a positive behavior, which as a tasty symbol encourages it in having done something right. If the dog is rewarded, then it should be healthy, species-appropriate treats, which should not only contain a certain nutritional value for the dog, but in which the raw materials are also from certified organic farming and certified farm animal welfare and housing.

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Dog treats on organic basis

The dose makes the poison. This also applies to dog treats, because too much of a good thing spoils the dog not only in an inappropriate way, but an excessive administration is fattening. Sugar, flavours and dyestuffs, chemical antioxidants and fragrances, bulking agents and preservatives, as well as residues from agriculture and livestock, such as fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and genetically modified substances, do not have any place in dog snacks as they are in organic dog food. Dog owners recognize bio-based treats on various organic labels, which include the German organic seal or the Dutch EKO seal. Like the European ABCERT seal, the dog snacks are certified according to the EU Organic Regulation and meet minimum standards for ecological criteria. Ecoland, Biokreis, Demeter and Bioland have strict testing criteria regarding pesticides, fertilizers, seed, species-appropriate husbandry and processing to dog goodies. Genetic engineering is usually excluded.

Healthy rewards, primary strengthener for dogs – organic goodies!

Dog treats are a tasty tool to give the dog a reward on many occasions. In the education of puppies, training in the dog school, to learn new tricks and obedience, in the training for the guide dog for the blind, as a distraction during a visit at the vet, traveling or just as a proof of love of the beloved four-legged dog biscuits and chewing snacks are a proven remedy. The nibble for reward should be served immediately after positive behavior because the dog can unambiguously relate its behaviour to the reward. With words like "fine", "great", "super", so-called markers, the dog owner tells the dog at the right moment that its behaviour has been right and that it receives a bounty for it. In addition to tasty goodies other primary reinforcers such as a dog toy or just digging, the dog for its amiable behavior can also be recompensed. Motivating are all things that are great fun for the dog.

Usually, dog owners give the food pieces for special achievements as a reward or token of love. In moderation, this is perfectly fine. But that should not cause the dog to gain weight. The energy requirement of the goodies must be included in the daily needs for dog food. Depending on the breed, age of the dog and activities the normal ration must be reduced.

Natural, species-appropriate and varied dog goodies

Natural dog treats are available in various dosage forms, such as chewy snacks, chips, drops, chew strips, dried meat, bones, antlers and dog biscuits. The chews with a high nutritional value provide the dog extra energy during training and dog sports as well as for traveling or long walks and hikes with the dog and are easy to transport because of the practical size in a reusable storage box. An increased energy demand is often given during longer or intensive workout, as well as in missions of rescue or hunting dogs.

Some goodies such as chewing snacks, dried meat, chew bones and dog biscuits do not only supplement the dog's nutrient supply, but also cleanse its teeth at the same time. They also chew the plaque while chewing, much like dry dog food. For dogs suffering from allergies or intolerances, hypoallergenic snacks, e.g. grain-free dog biscuits or vegan chew snacks next to home-made dog biscuits are a good alternative for the reward system.

Browse through the organic dog shop online at Greenpicks and discover species-appropriate and varied treats on an organic basis. Thus dog owners are committed to sustainable and gentle feed production and organic farming. Natural organic goodies – the healthy reward for the dog!

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