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Non-toxic bath toys for babies & children

Some babies love to be bathed; others are grouches. If the child shys away from bathing, be careful and wash it with a washcloth and entertain it with bath toys. In the next step you can try to bathe it in the bath tub, in a special bucket for bathing or on the mum’s or daddy's stomach. Even in these situations, eco-friendly bath toys are helpful to distract the water-shy baby and playfully get used to the element of water. For the bath, but also for swimming pool and beach, there are special toys made of waterproof material that always float above and do not soften and rub off.

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Bath toys from sustainable production for bathing beauties and water lovers

Bath toys should not burden babies and toddlers or the environment. Especially natural rubber and pollutant-free and recyclable ABS plastic stand well the constant use in water. At Greenpicks, you can always count on the health, nature protection, sustainability and fairness of bath toys manufacturers to adhere to ecological rules. Ecological toys are soft and supple yet free of PVC, PAH, plasticisers and phthalates. They are painted with natural vegetable paint pigments or water-based colours, which pose no danger when infants put the water toy in their mouths. Often they are made of one piece, so that no water can penetrate into the interior, which prevents the formation of dirt and mold.

Water toys for bath, outdoor pool and beach

Splashing is great. Each splash conjures a smile in the face of the little water lovers. Even children who initially shy away from the wet, sooner or later enjoy sharing the bath with swimming animal toys. The little ones especially like the giraffe Sophie and her friends. Fish, frog and duck are also popular water toys. The processed natural rubber is obtained from sustainably managed plantations in Asia. When small boats sail on the water, every child becomes a captain in the bathtub.

Bath toys should match the level of development of the children. In this way, parents can promote their baby in an age-appropriate manner without overwhelming it. While the offspring splashes under the supervision of mum, dad or grandparents, reaches for rings and water balls, scoops water with a bucket and spills it, it trains the motor skills. When it comes to bath toys, the phrase " to be grist to the mill" takes on an active meaning: With watermills and water wheels children learn that water can set things in motion. A sandbox set consisting of bucket, shovel, molds and other little containers is multifunctional. Rinsed with clean water, it can also be used in the bathtub.

Water-resistant toys for babies and toddlers

Eco bath toys also lure the last water-shy child into the bathtub and turn it into a bathing belle. The environmentally friendly and harmless quality convinces parents as well as the cute design of squeaky duckling & Co. The waterproof toys are also used by children on the beach or at the lake. Therewith they can play jauntily in the sun, Greenpicks recommends Eco Baby Swimwear with UV protection 50+ made of recycled materials, e.g. fishing nets.

No go for sparkling bath supplements to protect nature

Tip: Avoid using bath products that sparkle and colourful bathing confetti. At first glance this may look nice, but the ingredients unnecessarily burden the water and possibly the skin of babies and toddlers. Alternatively, natural vegetable paint pigments, beetroot juice and other biodegradable dyes colourize the bath water. There are also mild care products with ingredients from certified organic farming for washing babies and children. Usually a pH neutral unperfumed soap and clear water are enough to get the little ones clean.

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