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Women's Swimwear for all Body Shapes

Most women associate the summer with swimwear. In addition to bathing suits and bikinis, women's fashion also includes airy clothing that is suitable for the beach, for the café, for a walk on the promenade and for parties. Especially in women's swimwear design, cut, fitting and colour are often in the foreground. After all, the beachwear is supposed to flatter the figure and perfectly stage young women and women of mature years.

Earth-friendly Swimwear for Girls, Women & Ladies

However, sustainable swimwear labels use GOTS certified fabrics, Fairtrade materials and recycled fibers e.g. regenerated nylon ECONYL®. For eco swimwear, PET bottles, old carpets, abandoned fishing nets and industrial material surpluses are recycled. The recycled material is spun into fibres and processed into new swimsuits and so on. The production plants are also endeavouring to make the production processes as sustainable as possible: e.g. with water treatment plants, green electricity, photovoltaic, environmentally friendly and harmless dyeing processes, which are at least certified by OEKO-TEX®.

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Resource-saving production processes and fashionable fits make it easy for women to switch to environmentally friendly swimwear. Recycled fibres are just as elastic as spandex, so that swimsuits, bikinis & co. adapt perfectly to the body shape. In this way, the petroleum-based fibre can be banished and neither harm the environment nor the skin. Let's keep the interim result in mind: women's swimwear made of recycled fibres is kind to the skin and conserves resources.

Eco swimwear for women with integrated UV protection 50+

The dose makes the poison. This is especially true for sunbathing at the beach and in the outdoor pool. Sun gives good mood and energy, because the vital substance vitamin D is formed by sun in the skin. Unfortunately, excessive UV radiation is one of the major risk factors for the development of skin cancer. That's why eco swimwear for women also offers a collection with integrated UV protection 50+. Through a special weaving technique, the high sun protection factor is achieved. Bikini, swimsuit and bathing shirt with UV protection 50+ accompanies you in sports activities such as watersports, swimming or snorkeling, surfing and sailing. It protects the watersports woman, but does not replace the sun cream. In addition, a sun hat, a baseball cap or a lightweight cotton beanie protects against excessive sunlight.

Glamorous appearance in organic beachwear

Whether holiday in the Mediterranean, in the Caribbean, at the flooded gravel pit, in the swimming pool or in the garden – beachwear proves to be extremely practical. Classic beachwear are trousers with elastic waistband, beach dresses, long shirts as well as tunic and blouse. The loosely cut models have the advantage that you can slip in and out quickly. As a rule, swimwear is only worn on the beach. Even if you walk through the hotel lobby on the way to the beach, the good manners demand to dress up. Also on Sylt, in St. Tropez, on the Copacabana and on an environmentally friendly cruise ship, the appearance in organic beach fashion is more glamorous.

Beachwear for women as well as swimwear meets ecological standards. Only natural and harmless materials are used for the production and processing. Beachwear meets Greenpicks sustainability criteria and meets health, environmental and fairness requirements. The organic quality ensures that neither during production nor as a finished product damage to man or nature is done.

Sustainable swimwear for Women

A pioneer in sustainable swimwear seems to be Hawaii, the USA and Australia. However, it is even more efficient and climate-friendly to discover sustainable women's swimwear from Europe online at Greenpicks. The supply chains remain as short and clear as possible. For the selection of sustainable swimwear, fitting and design are just as important as environmentally friendly and fair production conditions. Eco swimwear ensures your great appearance on the beach and in the swimming pool.

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