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Eco-friendly cleaning products for environmentally friendly neat freaks

For some it is a duty for the others voluntary exercise – scrubbing and cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom, living room and other living areas as well as bicycle, car, motorcycle and other machines. Whether to be forced to clean or cleaning of passion and relaxation – environmentally friendly neat freaks have one thing in common: only eco-friendly cleaning agents are used.

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Organic cleaning agents with natural power

The advantage is obvious. Organic cleaning products are made from plant and environmentally friendly ingredients and are completely biodegradable. And eco friendly cleaning products such as bathroom cleaners, toilet cleaners, all in one cleaners and washing up liquids are in no way inferior to conventional cleaning agents according to the cleaning power. This will benefit people, the environment and materials, because the absence of corrosive chemicals protects all alike.

But that's not all: organic cleaning agents are dermatologically tested, so they are skin-friendly and therefore particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. Many ecological cleaning products are not tested on animals and thus a real alternative to conventional cleaning agents for vegans.

All-natural cleaner with organic ingredients

There are also biological detergents for stubborn stains in the kitchen, in the living room, in the car or on the motorcycle, in the workshop or on machine parts. The organic ingredients have so much natural power that stains from upholstery, gummy grease, paint and oil paint, glue and much more successfully can be eliminated. Eco-friendly machine cleaner with natural ingredients is for the professional and environmentally friendly cleaning of machines, tools, machine parts, engine blocks, containers and tanks.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products stand for a biological formulation and for an ecologically sophisticated philosophy. Eco cleaning agents are fully biodegradable and free of preservatives, fragrances and dyes, fillers and phosphates. Manufacturers of biological cleaning agents provide in the context of nature protection and environmental awareness to professional cleaners for home, office and industry. Even the packaging material is made of recyclable materials such as cardboard. Plastic packaging is made of polypropylene and polyethylene, PE for short, and are certified with the Green Dot. This plastic is best to recycle because it is free of plasticizers and during burning no toxic substances are released.

With cleaning agents in organic quality the consumer receives an improved quality of life for an ecoconscious living and lifestyle. Ecological and environmentally friendly alternatives for professional cleaning at home and in the office you find at Greenpicks.

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