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Natural organic body care products for the healthy balance of the skin

As the largest sensory organ of the human body, the skin needs special attention from head to toe. While in summer the sun and UV rays strain the skin, in autumn and winter dry heating air and cold bother. And as a mirror of the soul fear, grief, stress and emotional and psychological conflicts can show up on the skin. Natural body care helps to keep the protective shell of our body optimally in balance in any season of the year. Natural cosmetics, organic body care products and alkaline care products provide high-quality natural ingredients matched to the skin type and support the skin's own processes.

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Certified natural cosmetics for natural body care

Due to the large surface, the skin absorbs many substances. Those who do not want to undertake their skin with chemically treated cosmetics, will not only wear eco fashion and wash it with an organic detergent, but also choose certified natural cosmetics. Exfoliant, creams, lotions, bubble baths, soaps and oils produced according to strict guidelines for natural cosmetics contain high-quality organic botanical ingredients that gently nourish the body and skin. Organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics are characterized by various labels: NATRUE, BDIH, demeter and ECOCERT. NaTrue divides natural cosmetics into three levels: natural cosmetics, natural cosmetics with organic ingredients (more than 75 percent) and organic cosmetics (more than 95 percent). The Vegan label shows the end consumer that natural cosmetics do not require any animal ingredients and contain only plant extracts. The high-purity plant extracts come from certified organic farming and wild harvesting.

Organic cosmetics also contain no skin damaging substances such as mineral oils, silicones and plasticizers. In addition to ecological production in a closed-loop value chain, natural cosmetic manufacturers set further sustainable priorities. These include regional or European production sites, the conservation of natural resources with respect for man and nature and plastic-free, recyclable or refillable containers for body care products. Furthermore, if natural and organic cosmetics bear the Fairtrade seal, this guarantees fair market prices for producers of raw materials, as well as the support of small individual businesses and cooperatives and the improvement of the quality of life in remote rural regions.

Body lotions, body milks and body oils provide the skin with moisture and fat after a shower or bath. Organic oils care for especially dry skin. Certified natural cosmetics are natural skin care. They protect and care for the skin surface without chemical additives. It is a question of favoured scent whether women and men use sex-specific or gender-neutral body care products. Finally, the skin type determines which natural body care is the most effective for a healthy and tender skin. Natural skin care protects and strengthens the acid mantle (hydrolipid film).

Organic sunblock supplements the body's own protection

The bulbous structure of the skin consists of several layers, starting from the outside inwards with the epidermis, corium and subcutis. The epidermis is the protective cloak of the underlying layers of skin. Unfortunately, today the body's own sun protection of the epidermis is no longer sufficient against UV radiation. It is therefore important to apply organic sun block with a high sun protection factor (SPF) before sunbath to protect against sunburn and the risk of skin cancer. A shower with lukewarm water removes sea salt, sand, chlorine and creamy remainders after sunbathing. Subsequently, the gently dry dabbed skin is supplied with lipid balancing and moisturizing organic body lotion.

Body cleansing with organic alkaline cosmetics

The skin is also an excretory organ. Practical because an effective detoxification and purification through the skin is possible. The alkaline full bath as a natural healing combines at the same time several sustainable aspects: corporeal removal of acids, skin and body care and a weekly wellness unit in the home bathroom. As a rule, no creaming is necessary after the alkaline bath, because the skin activates the natural mechanism. Alkaline lotions, body milk and shower gel complement the organic alkaline cosmetics and maintain the acid-base balance. Like natural cosmetics, alkaline body care products are dermatologically tested and contain no genetically modified or animal tested substances.

Greenpicks Natural Cosmetics Shop

A healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and a targeted, consistent natural body care supports the skin during recovery and regeneration. The Greenpicks natural cosmetics shop offers body care concepts based on certified natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics and alkaline cosmetics, in order that you feel comfortable in your skin.

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