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Bedroom at Greenpicks

The non-toxic bedroom

A healthy sleep is the optimal condition for a good start to the day. For this, the sustainable bedroom should be as well as other living spaces equipped at most low-pollution. Are traditional furnishings such as beds, bed frames, mattresses, furniture and bedding often contaminated with pollutants such as plasticizers, bisphenol A, and the heavy metals like lead, cadmium and mercury, natural products and sustainably produced furniture make for a good room climate in the eco-friendly bedroom. Who will not feel good?

Green Cotton: textiles made from organic cotton

"As you make your bed, so you must lie in it" is a popular saying. Literally you have it in hand to shape your life as comfortable as possible. And why not start in the bedroom? Mattresses and mattress topper with punctual stitching adapt with every body and let the proverb become reality. These mats are all around in organic quality: from the filling of organic millet husks and rubber up to the pillowcase of organic cotton. In addition, the quality of blankets and pillows and bedclothes affects the sleeping climate and well-being. It is crucial for pillows and duvets that the filling and the cover are free of pollutants. From a sustainable point of view, durability and compliance with fair and socially acceptable working conditions and animal welfare and environmental protection also play a role.

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There's nothing like cuddly organic cotton bedding from controlled biological cultivation. Whether bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and body pillows: when it comes to the comforting calm, you better reach for Green Cotton products for bedroom textiles. Many eco-friendly online shops at Greenpicks offer high-quality textiles for the bedroom.

Eco-friendly furniture for the green bedroom

If you want to avoid bad air in the bedroom, you should decide for pollution-free furniture made of solid wood with the FSC seal or bed and side table made of recycled cardboard. Both organic furniture made of wood and cardboard are stable and provide a pleasant room climate. The cardboard furniture is assembled and disassembled easily and can be packed to a package that can be shipped via postal mail ... if a moving company is not there to help. With home textiles & decoration and bed linens made from organic cotton the bedroom can be decorated according to your taste and creates a unique ambience.

Sleeping well on a journey

Do you travel a lot? – When traveling by car, train or airplane neck cushions made from organic cotton and with a filling of organic millet husks or organic spelt husks and rubber provide a relaxed sleep posture when sitting or lying. To take a pleasant and comfortable posture during breastfeeding, eco-friendly nursing pillows are a valuable support for mother and child. Materials such as organic cotton and fillings with organic spelled husks or organic millet husks dipped in rubber latex make uncritical breastfeeding possible and delight allergy sufferers. Organic nursing pillows are also a perfect lying help already during pregnancy.

If you want to embed good, natural products and eco-friendly furniture are the first choice in the bedroom.

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