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Classic notebooks with sustainable benefits

Above all, a notebook in which the pages can be replaced as desired fulfills the high demands of mobile applications as an order book, travel diary, and diary. Although the notebook and mobile phone replace the classic calendar and a notepad in modern times, the classic notebook has many practical advantages.

Compared to iPad, Tablet & Co. it is
+ independent of electricity,
+ hard-wearing,
+ not prone to repair,
+ much cheaper,
+ easier to use and
+ offers individual scope of design (Bullet Journal)

In particular, the independence of electrical energy sources protects people and the environment. In contrast to mobile phones, there is no need to dispose of batteries that contain toxic pollutants.

The advantages of paper notebooks lie above all in the simple operation. They are always at hand and do not need constant updates and backups. Incidentally, handwritten notes exercise the muscles of hand and fingers. The positive side effect – the training of the fine motor skills – then shows in the handling of everyday things.

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Outline and commit to paper thoughts, impressions and experiences

The type of notes determines the choice of the notebook. Ideas and experiences are preferred by many people on lined pages, whereas sketches and graphics are drawn on blank paper. If you travel a lot or travel with small luggage, you are more likely to use a handy format that has a sturdy cover. For daily work, a larger notebook with lined, chequered or dot matrix paper is suitable. It is always advantageous if the pages can be removed individually and inserted elsewhere. This provides an overview and structure, which can additionally be highlighted by highlighters, different coloured pencils (ballpoint pen or crayon). In addition to an eco-compatible pencil a ruler or geometry set square of bioplastics or wood should always be at hand. Also underlined text and straight lines help to mark-out important passages in a notebook.

Even if today's stories and books are completed on the computer, they are usually preceded by initial ideas in the form of research and sketches. In a notebook, authors always and everywhere have the opportunity to note their thoughts, impressions and experiences. Because the notebook is always at hand, needs no power and no backup.

Eco Notebooks for Bullet Journals, School & Office

With the help of a bullet journal, not only authors, journalists and project managers plan their everyday professional life. Bullet journaling is a way for every person to structure everyday life with all its tasks or to make travel planning. For the #bujo you need a blank notebook that can be designed according to your own specifications and needs.

Regardless of the purpose, eco-friendly people value the sustainable quality of office supplies and stationery. Eco notebooks with a wooden cover rely on longevity that implicates the natural material. Notebooks with a cover made of recycled leather or sturdy canvas based on organic cotton or hemp and linen fulfill the same requirements.

The eco notebook is available in many variants, which are mainly based on the usual size of notebooks and spiral-bound notepads. In school, university and office, leads the DIN standard A4 format, because it can be conveniently filed in folders together with other documents. This creates a thematically structured portfolio that can be draw on at any time.

But also the DIN standard A7, A6 and A5 in portrait and landscape format have their advantages. They are more handy and easier to transport than spiral-bound notepad and notebook in A4 format. The smaller DIN formats are often found as a calendar, diary, address book and travel journal. Special formats range between DIN A7 and DIN A4.

Eco-certified notebooks made of recycled paper and stone paper

When buying notebooks, stationery, copy paper, ring binder, exercise books, wrapping paper, and other office and stationery supplies made from recycled paper, eco-labels such as the Blue Angel, FSC® & Co. provide a good orientation. The seals of approval have defined ecological and economic standards in various grades. The Blue Angel has the strictest regulations. The paper products are made entirely of recycled paper. Strict limits for the use of chemicals additionally protect resources, nature and humans.

The FSC® label (Forest Stewardship Council®) is awarded in varying degrees, including a seal for products made from 100% waste paper and one for products made from a mix of fresh fibres and waste paper. FSC® Recycled is the only version in which the fibres are 100 percent recycled paper.

Significantly weaker (but better than conventional papermaking) is the EU Ecolabel from the European Commission. The requirements apply to the entire manufacturing process. To protect water and air, the use of chemicals is limited. The material used must also be at least 50% certified by external certification systems, such as FSC® and PEFC. Unfortunately, recycled material is not explicitly required.

Notes on stone paper are symbolic as cast in stone. It consists of calcium carbonate, which is limestone flour, a waste product of the mining industry, and of 20 percent recycled polyethylene. Stone paper has now been awarded the "Cradle to Cradle” certificate. And distinguishes products that do not generate waste, but are recycled to new products. Because of its good recyclability, the environmentally friendly paper has a better life cycle assessment than conventional paper.

Handmade paper and laid paper are rare to find in notebooks. This type of paper, on the other hand, is very popular with letter paper as each sheet has a unique texture and structure.

Most eco notebooks and sketchbooks are equipped with the standard paper thickness of 80 gsm. In addition, there is also a wide range of notebooks with 90 gsm. Besides, the eco notepad for A4 paper usually differs in paper thickness. Usually 60 or 70 instead of 80 or 100 gsm.

Notepad & notebook for analogue memory aid

Whether for the preparation of a trade fair or for a poetry slam, as a travel diary, for urgent notes or as a bullet journal, the eco notebooks at Greenpicks invite you to live the creative streak. The ink-proof paper preserves graphic elements, sketches, photos, notes and memorabilia for eternity. But also the swinging hand of minimalists get their money’s worth. Each notebook is a unique work of art, as individual as its creator.

Eco notebooks as green advertising media & sustainable customer gifts

Ecological notebooks as corporate promotional products, printed with the company logo or an advertising message, are popular advertising media for companies and their customers. In this way, they embody the clear message of sustainability, which is well received by more and more customers. Especially when the entrepreneurial sustainability strategy is consistently practiced, which is today easily possible with office and stationery products. Contact us! We are happy to help!

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