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Energy-efficient household appliances

Household appliances make life easier. They support us in the various tasks in kitchen and household. These can be both electric and manual kitchen appliances. In the case of electrical appliances, the energy efficiency category is decisive for economical consumption of electricity, in addition to high-quality and non-toxic materials. The EU energy labelling – also called eco label – is indicated with A +++ (low power use) to D (much power consumption). From toasters and mixers through to washing machines, manufacturers have to label their energy consumption.

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Manual household appliances

However, the use of electrical household appliances is not always necessary. A cutting machine made of stainless steel precisely cuts bread, sausage and cheese. Manual home appliances save money in terms of energy and maintenance costs. They are durable and mostly recyclable.

Water filter instead of water from plastic bottles

Although drinking water in our latitudes is often better than water bottled in plastic bottles, a water treatment can be useful depending on the region. Water filters can absorb chlorine, hormone residues, asbestos fibres, heavy metals, organic pollutants, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides etc. The filtering happens by pure natural products, e.g. coconut shells. Such water-treating household appliances supply tap water as a cost-effective and no less healthy alternative to water from plastic bottles. Filled in carafes, tap water can be served appealingly. Some carafes made of borosilicate glass and designed according to the golden ratio and with the flower of life energize the tap water and enhance it biologically.

Which household appliances do you really need?

Some household appliances are in daily use. The question, whether they are meaningful, is answered by itself. Multi-grain bread, freshly cut with a slicing machine, tastes simply much better. Coffee from the French Press (coffee maker) is an aromatical pleasure and cheaper than coffee in capsules. And a water cooker or water kettle is also indispensable to everyday life, especially if they are made from long-lasting materials.

A matter of question is whether a rice steamer, bread maker or egg cooker is meaningful - the opinions are divided. Can eggs and rice not be cooked much more easily in a normal pot?

Which household appliances really make sense must be decided by everyone for himself. Perhaps you can consider in the future sustainable and ecological criteria and the benefits. For example, the Greenpicks sustainability criteria give information about it. Consumers do not only save money and time when investing in energy-efficient (and necessary) household appliances, but also make an important contribution conserving resources.

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