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What makes up sustainable books?

Sustainable books primarily convince with their readable content. The eco nonfiction books comprehensively illuminate scientific, social and ecological topics. In addition to recipes for starters, salads, main dishes, desserts and cakes, cookbooks provide informative background information on food and cultivation methods. In the light of food waste, eco cookery books provide valuable recipes for the tasty utilization of food residues.
Love, suffering, pain and excitement do not come off badly. Textbooks, guidebooks, novels, crime novels, romances, travel guides, science fiction literature and other genres are just as entertaining printed on recycled paper as conventionally printed literature.

Informative books with ecological performance

Since printing from an ecological point of view should be as environmentally friendly and climate-neutral as possible, organic publishers work according to various sustainability concepts. These include the following climate protection strategies:

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  • Blue Angel certified paper
  • recycled paper
  • environmentally friendly printing inks e.g. based on vegetable oil
  • Climate-neutral printing process

The publishers themselves also have a high level of ecological awareness. For example, employees and guests are catered with products from certified organic farming and fair trade. Publishers use green electricity and photovoltaics for their energy supply. Electrical devices must be energy efficient, repairable and durable. The same applies to office equipment, which is preferably made of wood and is made locally. Whenever possible, parcels are delivered to the shipper by cargo bike. Recycling materials are used for the packaging, which in turn are recyclable.

All emissions that cannot be compensated by the sustainability strategies are balanced up by CO₂ compensation. The publishers compensate the emissions by supporting climate protection projects.

The perfect book for all tastes in the eco book trade

A good book is a book that fascinates the reader. It can be informative, creative, entertaining, or thought-provoking. While books on sustainability, ecology, climate change, consumption, nutrition, gardening and plastics bear the reality in mind, travel guides take you into foreign worlds, fantasy novels into foreign galaxies and cookbooks make your mouth watering. If you are interested in cooking cultivation methods of fruit and vegetables as well as cooking recipes, you can also find non-fiction books about ecological agriculture in the sustainable book selling trade.

Poetry and fiction, once only aesthetic literature, is nowadays every kind of popular literature that is non-fictional and not scientific. Whether historical novels, love stories or exciting criminal cases – there is the perfect book for all tastes.

Children's books inspire the little ones. They stimulate the imagination as well as abstract thinking and creativity. Discovering new things, understanding relationships and connections, independent reading are the basis for many positive steps in the development that can be actively promoted by children's books. Unwieldy topics such as the environment and energy, climate change, bee deaths, plastic waste in the ocean and gardening convey child-friendly texts and loving illustrations. The eco children's books sensitize the kids, provide useful information about current environmental issues in a vivid way. And because children like to hold their favourite book often in their hands, non-toxic printing inks are a sustainable asset here, too.

Climate-friendly environmental impact – eco books

You have received a book tip or are interested in a specific topic, but would like to browse a little before buying? No problem, most eco publishers offer free online extracts on Greenpicks. Some books appear as hard cover, others in paperback format with soft covers. Conventional books are often laminated and shrink-wrapped in film, which are environmentally harmful both during manufacture and during disposal. Eco-friendly publishers entirely do without it and only use sleeves made from recycled paper.

E-books and audio books are the modern alternatives to the book printed on paper. Most of the time, the electronic books are available as files that can be played or read on a tablet, ebook reader or mobile phone.

In short: Eco books and green printed media at Greenpicks have a climate-friendly environmental appearance due to "eco-certified" printing.

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