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Well-groomed hands and feet

They are innate tools and aids: hands and feet. Usually, these body parts accompany us for a lifetime. What could be more obvious than to take good care of them? Before adding hand cream, lotion and foot creme to your shopping cart, you should tailor the eco hand and foot care products to your skin type and check the ecological quality of the ingredients.

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Natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics for hand and foot care

Organic labels such as NaTrue, Demeter, ECOCERT and BDIH give a mandatory orientation on the quality of natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics. Organic hand cream and natural cosmetics foot creme are characterized by the fact that they are free of harmful ingredients. On mineral oil, parabens, emulsifiers, silicones, palm oil or artificial fragrances are completely renounced. These substances sometimes irritate unnecessarily the skin (and the environment). Plant oils and extracts from certified organic farming achieve an equivalent result of care as conventional hand creams and foot lotions.

Beeswax, honey, shea butter, aloe vera, marigold, chamomile, evening primrose oil, coconut oil, healing chalk and olive oil are nourishing, moisturizing, soothing or skin-strengthening active ingredients. The natural ingredients also have anti-inflammatory properties and help heal chapped skin.

The vegan flower, the seal of the Vegan Society, features vegan hand care and foot care, which get on without animal ingredients. Alkaline cosmetics are absolutely vegan and natural. Hand or foot cream with dead sea salt or base salt is particularly suitable for sensitive and irritated skin. Especially allergy sufferers appreciate it when foot cremes and foot lotions are dermatologically tested.

Appreciation of the hands

They grab, grope, stroke, work, communicate, play handball and piano – our hands. That's why we should appreciate and care for them. Dry heating air, ice-cold winter breeze, sunlight, gardening, frequent hand washing – all these environmental influences take a lot out of the hands. They become rough, chapped and dry; they desquamate, itch and look wrinkled. For healthy and supple hands, careful hand care is important. This begins with washing your hands. Organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics and alkaline cosmetics support you.

After cleansing with lukewarm water and skin-friendly organic soap, organic hand cream spends moisture and fat to the skin. Alkaline hand cream neutralises the acids in the body, channels the slag through the skin and regenerates it. While a fatty hand cream cares for the hands in the winter, a hand creme with a high sun protection factor (SPF) protects against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Nail care oils with olive, jojoba or almond oil for the fingernails and the nail bed top off the well-groomed appearance of the hands.

Wellness for the hands

If the daily hand care program is not enough, a hand care mask will help. For this, the cream is generously applied to the hands and nail beds. Then they are covered with cotton gloves. Leave it for at least 30 minutes. It is ideal to wear gloves for hand care overnight. The grooming effect develops overnight. Virtually a skin-care natural cosmetics wellness treatment while being asleep!

A similar effect is achieved by a homemade hand bath. The rich oil bath from household remedies such milk, honey and olive oil is pampering stressed hands. That makes them soft and supple again. And, intensive hand care does not have to be expensive!

Wellness tip: Tense or cold hands and feet receive soothing relief in a warm pea bath. Heat the legumes (peas, lentils, white beans) in a pan in the oven or in the microwave up to 60 degrees. Then knead the warm peas with your hands for ten minutes. The same applies to tense and cold feet. This stimulates blood circulation and provides soothing relaxation.

Appreciation for the feet

They stand, walk, run, jump, climb, dance and play football – our feet. In the course of a lifetime, we take so many steps that we could walk four times around the earth. Healthy feet ensure mobility into old age. That's why we should appreciate and care for them. Natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics and basic cosmetics keep you in the loop.

Like the hands, the feet are the calling card of our appearance, especially when we show them in open shoes. An organic foot lotion keeps the feet soft and supple and also avoids unpleasant foot odor. Vegetable ingredients such as rosemary, lavender, shea butter, peppermint oil and organic sesame oil provide stressed feet well-being. For both foot creams and hand cremes, the raw materials for the plant extracts come from certified organic farming and from controlled wild collection. Sweaty feet, cornea, fissures and chapped skin disappear with special foot cream or a basic foot bath. The alkaline cosmetics channel the slags, harmonize the skin and flatter the feet.

Wellness for the feet

Effective and economical is a relaxing foot bath. Just as the hand bath cares the hands, a foot bath soothes the feet. It promotes blood circulation, relaxes the body and promotes sleep. The pampering for stressed feet can be prepared by yourself from proven household remedies such as olive oil, honey and milk or with alkaline salt. Subsequently, the removal of cornea is easier by hand, e.g. with a corn plane. A foot massage with a massage roller made of wood is invigorating and stimulating the blood flow. Even cheaper is the pea bath. To do so, bathe your feet in legumes (lentils, peas, white beans) which you have previously heated up to 60 degrees in a jar in the microwave or in the oven.

Against coarse, chapped heels, cracks and pressure marks on the skin a foot care mask is particularly effective. For this, a generous amount of cream is applied to the feet and toes and cotton socks are pulled over. If you have little time, treat yourself to at least 30 minutes and use the wellness unit for a short nap. This intensive treatment develops even more care when you wear the socks for foot care overnight. You will wake up the next morning with noticeably softer feet. Now the start for the day runs like a charm.

Gender neutral hand and foot care

As far as women and men in a joint household have a similar skin type and like the same scent of the hand care products and foot lotions, there is no need to buy so-called hand cream for men or foot creme for women. The use of unisex care products achieves a satisfactory care result for both sexes and also protects the household budget and the environment.
Only for babies and children, it may be that the delicate and still very thin skin needs other individual care products. Hands and feet of the little ones are not stressed to the same extent as in adults. Baby and child care therefore is specially tailored to the delicate skin of children and also meets the ecological standards of natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics.

Eco tip: Washcloths instead of wipes

Greenpicks tip: A wet washcloth is especially handy for cleaning hands on the way. In a storage box made of bioplastics, it is easy to be transported and kept moisty. This saves money on baby wipes that unnecessarily pollute the environment, both during production and disposal. Back at home, the washcloth can be easily washed in the washing machine.

With the right hand care and foot care you protect your hands and feet from everyday environmental influences. Hand and foot creams protect against the effects of water, dry air, sun or cold. More attention to yourself – hands, feet and the whole body will thank you. And with the use of natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics, you also protect nature from the harmful effects caused, for example, by microplastics and mineral oil-based cosmetics.

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