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Eco Tossing Toys

Fetch the stick is a classic play with dogs. Wherever it is no obligation to walk the dog on the lead, mistress and master can do with their four-legged friend the popular play to retrieve. Especially on the beach or in the meadow it is fun to use items such as squeaky toys, frisbee, balls, water toys and dog feed bags to retrieve. Since in this context the dogs as well as the environment and the manufacturers come into contact with the tossing toys, ecological standards are indispensable for the protection.

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Non-toxic Dog Toy for Throwing and Retrieving

Eco tossing toys must be robust and tested for harmful substances. This prevents the retrieving dog from taking harmful substances via the mouth or via the saliva. Dog owners and manufacturers savour the benefits of pollutant-free dog toys. The gentle production as well as the recyclable materials have a direct positive effect on animal and environmental protection. The seal Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex recognizes pollutant-tested dog toys. This rules out many important potential pollutants.

Although not all dog owners do love the vegan lifestyle, vegans look after animals and therefore have a different view of dog toys. "PETA-Approved Vegan" certified dog tossing toys do not contain any animal ingredients and exclude any animal-tested material. Recycled valuable materials, natural fibres such as cotton, hemp, sisal and bioplastic, which consists of organic compounds, are resource-saving raw materials. Environmentally friendly, they replace conventional dog toys made of plastic based on crude oil and synthetic fibres.

Eco retriever toys as a prey substitute

Originally, retrieving is a discipline in hunting. Hunting dogs are used to bring battue to the hunter. Nowadays throwing toys replaces the prey. It can be used for dummy exercise and to promote the hunting instinct. The thrown objects are helpful in training to fetch of a dog. As an alternative to treats, retriever toy is an attractive means of education to reward the dog. Even with dogs, only that much energy should be supplied as they can burn.

Naturally, the use of tossing toys in hounds is most useful. With a praise or a cuddle with the occasional fetch the stick play, the dog owners are more interesting than the throwing toys. Well-dosed and used correctly, the retrieving game is an occupation that cognitively and physically promotes the dog and also keeps mistress and master in motion.

Animal welfare, sustainability and environmental protection

At the Greenpicks organic dog shops, you'll find tossing toys for retrieving from European dog toy manufacturers that are ecologically responsible and have animal welfare, sustainability, fairness and environmental protection in mind.

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