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Dog chews from certified biological origin

In addition to cats, the dog is one of the most popular pets. As a loyal companion, it has a great reputation as a guardian, playmate or assistant, especially in Europe and the USA. That's why dog owners like to spoil their four-legged friends with certified organic chewing snacks and treats. But the chewing articles have other meaningful achievements for the dog. Used as a reward for raising puppies and young dogs, chew bones, antlers and hard dog biscuits are primary reinforcers that show the dog that its behaviour was proper. If the obedient dog now enjoys the chew, its natural need for chewing is satisfied at the same time and its teeth are cared for. By gnawing on the dog snacks tartar is prevented and already existing deposits are abraded.

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Natural Dog Chew

The chewing products should contain a certain nutritional value and come from confirmed origin. Therefore organic chew snacks use raw materials from certified organic farming and certified species-appropriate husbandry. International organic labels, which include the European ABCERT seal, certify dog snacks according to the EC Organic Regulation. These include the German organic seal or the Dutch EKO seal. More than the minimum standards are fulfilled by the labels Demeter, Bioland, Biokreis and Ecoland. Natural chews contain no scents, filler, attractant or preservatives, are free of sugar, artificial flavours and dyestuffs as well as chemical antioxidants. As arable farming and livestock breeding follow strict ecological criteria, dog treats are also free of pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones and genetically modified substances. During the gentle processing to dog chewy snacks, the products must not be contaminated with pollutants.

The natural and crunchy delicacies keep chews ready for puppies, young dogs, adults and seniors as well as dogs with a sensitive stomach and digestion and allergy-prone dogs. Also a grain-free, vegetarian or vegan food supplement support the dog snacks. Overdoing treats make the dog fat. The dog goodies are quite suitable as a dietary supplement (please note instructions on the packaging). But the daily energy requirement for dog food is calculated from wet food, dry dog food, goodies and chews.

Dog treats for chewing, dental care, as a pastime and reward

Even though nowadays the dog is domesticated, an inner hunting instinct and a need for chewing are still present. In addition, dogs generally need a balanced diet that does not only saturate but provides them with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Chew snacks can support a varied diet, serve as a snack or a goodie to reward the dog and keep the dog busy for a while. Animal dental care is a positive side effect. While meat strips based on beef, pork, mutton, venison, horsemeat are particularly suitable for mature dogs with strong jaws, tender poultry are snacks (eg chicken, duck, turkey, pheasant, ostrich) especially for puppies, older dogs and small breeds as well as pets with dental problems. If the dog needs a high-protein diet or if dog owners prefer a partially vegan diet, seafood snacks made from fish and seafood are the first choice. Dried ears, lungs, cattle noses, bovine scalp as well as liver, necks, tendons, tails, lamb's scalp or horse ears with fur are especially enjoyable for chewing pleasure. The dog chews are also an ideal food supplement for calcium and supply of fibres.

Tasty chewing snacks as an eco-friendly gift for the dog

Also in Advent, at Christmas or for the dog's birthday, the four-legged family member is given a gift. Make a personal advent calendar for your dog from various chewing snacks. Or browse for a birthday or Christmas present in our dog toy section. All items in the dog online shop at Greenpicks comply with ecological criteria and, thus, respect animal welfare and the environment.

Certified Organic chewing snacks for Puppies, Adult and Senior

Certified organic dog chews are nutritious treats that do justice to the natural urge of chewing of the dog. Dog chewing snacks made of natural ingredients with a solid texture keep the dog busy and counteract tooth decay and plaque. The range of organic chews at Greenpicks offers chewing snacks in premium quality for every dog breed: chewy for puppies, beef bones for active dogs, low-calorie chews for overweight dogs, low-protein snacks such as antlers or Torgas root for senior and anti-allergy chewing snacks.

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