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Organic Baby Swaddle Wraps and Baby Swaddle Bagsgs

When babies sleep better and longer, parents get more sleep, too. Restless newborns frighten by jerky movements (so-called Moro reflex) from sleep and the night's sleep is over. Here, the traditional wrap technique swaddling offers a chance for babies to rest and sleep safely. For this purpose – and only for this purpose(!) – the baby is wrapped in a swaddle blanket. The narrowness reminds the baby of the time in the womb and gives a feeling of security. The alternative to swaddle wraps are swaddle bags. Elaborate packing in a swaddle blanket is not applied. The little sack looks like a sleeping bag and sits a bit looser than the swaddle wrap and therefore offers the baby a little more freedom of movement. Even the arms are not wrapped in the swaddle bag.

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Harmless natural fibres for swaddling

Whether womby bag or swaddle blanket – in ecological quality they are made of raw materials from certified organic farming or from certified biological livestock. Breathable organic cotton is the preferred method for swaddling in summer, while organic wool keeps the little earthlings warm in winter. Soft and tested for harmful substances they protect the offspring from intolerances and allergies from the very first moment. Organic seals such as OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Faitrade and IVN certified provide information on the cultivation and processing of natural materials. These include social components, e.g. the fair wages for the seamstresses and the production of baby blankets and swaddle bags without child labor. So you can be sure that you will not harm your or any other child.

Swaddle Blankets and swaddle bags for the layette and as a gift for birth

A swaddle blanket actually belongs to the layette. In addition, the swaddle sleeping bag is a practical gift for birth. With Greenpicks you can order swaddle wraps and swaddle bags very relaxed online, because in our assortment we have an exclusively sustainable selection. The design leaves nothing to be desired: from simple to colourful, child-friendly patterns and harmonious colours – for every taste we offer the right and especially skin-friendly swaddle accessory.

It will be even cheaper and more environmentally friendly if you follow our resource-saving tip. In almost every household, there is a sufficiently large cloth or towel, in which the baby can be wrapped. It would also be advantageous here that the cloths consist of harmless natural fibres. Also when using this alternative be sure that the baby is swaddled in the blanket or the cloth with the special swaddling technique.

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