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Outdoor toys for sand, water, garden and sports

Most children enjoy spending their free time in fresh air. Running, jumping, playing with the ball, stepping into puddles – playing outside in wind and weather is a varying fun for children of all ages. Outdoor toys support them in their development and give their fancy full scope. Toys for outside give variety and also lures a couch potato from the computer and TV.

Outdoors toys should be functional, safe and sturdy. Selected materials such as bioplastic, metal, wood and specially impregnated fabrics make it weatherproof and water repellent. For outdoor use, the resistance and durability of children's toys can be maintained with good care (e.g., wood oiling). So water- and sand toys brave almost any kind of weather. From a mixture of water, sand and soil, the little ones build imaginative sand castles and bake delicious cakes.

Sand toys: safe, ecologically and educationally valuable

For having fun in the sandbox, at the beach, in the garden or in the park, sturdy sand toys are needed. The basic equipment includes bucket, sand molds, shovel, rake and watering can. With love of experimentation, children get to work: baking cakes, digging holes, building sandcastles and dams. Children love to mud with sand and water. In doing so, outdoor toys have to be resistant and hold nicely in the hand of the children. Eco sandbox toys are characterized by extreme durability and pollutant tested quality.

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Children's toys for outside are always smooth-edged. The durable materials such as wood, metal, bioplastic and recycled plastic are tested for harmful substances and are free of dangerous plasticizers. The wood used comes either from regional or sustainable forestry (see PEFC, FSC). Seals of approval such as the German Safety mark (GS) or “Öko-Test” (German magazine for eco test) give orientation. While the GS seal certifies the tested safety of the toy, the “Öko-Test” distinguishes products without harmful substances. The seal "Spiel gut" in turn rates toys based on pedagogical criteria.

Playing with sandbox toys has several advantages: Children spend their leisure time in the fresh air instead of watching TV or playing computer games. Running, jumping, filling molds with sand, digging tunnels – all these outdoor activities promote gross and fine motor skills and by the way strengthen the immune system. Girls and boys become bakers and architects and create elaborate cakes, fairytale castles. In the role-playing game, they sell ice cream, pies and sausages to their friends. Construction work is being done in teamwork. In addition, digger, wheel loaders, tractor and dump truck are important tools for the children to dig, transport or amass the sand. These role-playing games as well as the "father, mother, child" game support playing with friends and improve the social skills. Child-friendly, pedagogically valuable, resistant, pollutant-tested and pleasant to the touch are important criteria for many kindergartens and households when choosing sand toys. An advantage of toys made of bioplastics is that it can also be used in the bathtub.

Child-friendly garden toys for little nature lovers

For the cultivation of beds, plants and trees, garden tools are needed by adults and children almost all year round. If little eco-friendly gardeners want to support their parents in their gardening actively, garden toys for children are indispensable. Spade, shovel, rake, bucket & Co. are adapted to small children's hands and have no sharp edges. Using the colourful design of the individual garden tools, children can easily assign their functions and, in addition, strengthen their colour perception. Grandma and Grandpa have an allotment – also wheelbarrow, leaf rake and watering can are in demand to help grandparents sowing, planting, digging holes and watering flowers. Especially when large amounts of foliage occur in autumn, it is a pleasure for children to pile up and roll in the leaves before loading it in the children's wheelbarrow and driving it to the compost pile. The movement in the fresh autumn air strengthens the immune system and while loading and driving with the wheelbarrow children train their skills.

Playing and working in the garden promote children's creativity and motor skills. And by the way, the little garden friends learn the respectful and environmentally friendly way of dealing with nature. Weakened by gardening, the little ones can relax the hammock or on the wooden swing or delve into another fantasy world with sand toys and let their creative thoughts run wild.

Eco water toys: pastime with learning effects

Playing in or with water is one of the most popular natural elements besides sand, which has a magical appeal with most children. While in the summer, when it is searing hot, the wet element is important for watering flowers, making sand porridge, and mixing sand with water at the beach to build sandcastles, animals, and other artifacts. In addition to sand toys, water toys are available for entertainment for many activities on the beach, in the garden and in the bathtub.

True to the motto: the more colourful, the better swimming animals, rubber duck and bucket come in gaudy designs and with funny imprints. The cheerful and gorgeous designs of the water toys are adapted to the needs of environmentally aware parents: pollutant-tested materials such as bioplastic or plastic without plasticizer and bisphenol. The ecological production standards also meet sustainable criteria: fair and social, regionally produced and recyclable.

Creative building projects arise in collaborative games. Team spirit and social skills are developed as one child accumulates sand with the shovel, another child tows water with the bucket and collects shells, another dugs a hole and another begins to build. Like sand toys, water toys not only train the gross motor skills of the little ones, but also the cognitive thinking. Whether on the beach, in the paddling pool, in your own garden or on the open sea – water toys for children are a great pastime with learning effects.

Outdoor toys for sports and exercise

Movement is the Alpha and Omega of the childish development. Especially when the weather permits, children rush outside and hop and jump. While sand and water toys offer toddlers fun, older children have balance board, boules, the popular Viking chess game and other throwing games for action and excitement. Outdoors toys are exposed to extreme burdens. In addition to the mechanical stress, it has to withstand temperature differences, wetness and UV radiation. Here, too, recyclable and resource-efficient materials such as hemp, FSC-certified wood, bioplastics and metal are used. Robustly processed, the activity games entertain the whole family and promote the sense of togetherness over a long period of the childhood.

It does not have to be a complete climbing garden to lure children outside. Tight ropes or straps stretched between two trees, so-called slacklining, is a cool outdoor sport that trains balance and red muscles. The dynamic balance sport is great fun for the whole family, for youth groups and sports-loving children, that also inspires minimalists because of its modest equipment.

Eco toy for outdoors

Eco-friendly sand toys turn the beach by the sea into the largest sandpit, where children bake the best cakes and build imaginative sand castles. With water toys children can explore the ocean. For a little money and with low expenditure outdoor toys by Greenpicks turn parks and gardens into paradisaic playgrounds. With the right eco toy for outside, children will experience imaginative hours in the open air and playfully develop their motor and cognitive abilities.

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