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Which quality criteria should organic cushions and organic cushion covers meet?

Cushions provide a pleasant comfort and give your home a cosy atmosphere. Whether as a throw pillow or support cushions on the sofa, as a seat pad on a chair and stool or as a pillow in the bed or on the garden lounger – the right pillow is available for every application. And throw pillows and beautiful cushion covers are the decorative icing on the cake on the reading chair and on the couch. But what quality features should sustainable cushions and cushion covers must have taking care for the indoor climate?

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Organic certified pillows and cushion covers

If you do not want to get a dust catcher, you'll combine look, design, function and ecological quality with cushions and pillowcases. In this way, a beautiful sofa cushion fulfills both a decorative and functional purpose, provides a pleasant indoor climate and still occurs as an eye-catcher in the foreground. Organic home textiles only use materials from biological sources for pillows, cushion covers and fillings. Cushion covers made of natural materials such as organic cotton, vegan leather, organic wool, hemp, bamboo and silk as well as the cushion fillings of seagrass, wool beads, feathers and down, Kapok, Lyocell and TENCEL®, cherry stones and herbs are at least tested for pollutants according to OEKO- TEX® STANDARD 100. Even more environmental protection, fairness, respect for man and nature are cushions certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), "Naturtextil IVN certified BEST", "Natural Leather IVN certified" and by Fairtrade.

Vegans choose cereal cushions filled with organic buckwheat, organic spelt husks, organic millet shells (with and without rubber), organic rye, which have excellent lying properties and absorb moisture. Herbal pillows help with insomnia. Organic herbs such as hops blossoms, chamomile, clover, thyme, lavender, melissa, verbena, lemon grass, rose petals and orange blossoms have a soothing effect and improve the indoor climate.

Especially for the bed down pillows are soft and cuddly companions at night. Feathers and downs, like wool, also come from certified species-appropriate husbandry and are wrapped in cushion covers made of sanforised organic cotton. For allergy sufferers and asthmatics, down-filled pillows come into consideration, which are certified with the anti-allergy seal Nomite. The extra dense woven cotton gives house mites no chance to nest in the pillow.

Also recycled materials such as coffee bags, leather, disused sails and parachutes, jeans and canvas, upholstery, fabric remnants and much more can be used for paddings, cushion covers and pillows. Especially upcycling cushions are a unique eye catcher and give the bench, settee and pallet furniture that extra something. Upcycling is a worldwide practiced manufacturing process: from small Indian manufactories over sheltered workshops up to inmates. Craftsmanship, creativity, logistics, environmentally friendly workmanship are just some of the sustainability criteria that must be met by the handicraft businesses.

Non-toxic pillows for any furnishing

A cushion landscape made of a mix of different pillows creates a place of comfort. Sofa and throw cushions, floor cushions, wall cushions and neck pillows in their various shapes, sizes and colours offer a variety of design options for moments of rest or cosy get-together with family and friends. Whether for the atmospheric decoration in a tiny house or in a luxury apartment – cushion covers in the colours anthracite, brown, green, blue, turquoise, white, purple and red, striped, checkered as well as pillows with floral patterns are popular throw pillows, sofa cushions, pillows, seat cushions or floor cushions, which harmoniously fit into any furnishing concept. In Europe, there are the following popular sizes for cushions, pillows and covers:

  • 30x30 cm
  • 30x50 cm
  • 35x55 cm
  • 40x40 cm
  • 45x45 cm
  • 40x80 cm
  • 50x50 cm
  • 80x80 cm
  • 100x100 cm
  • 120x120 cm

Organic home textiles convince by a timeless design, extravagance, can have a minimalist effect and emphasize subtle accents – and respect man and nature during the production.

Sustainably decorative cushion covers extend the lifetime of organic pillows

For those who like sturdy cushions made of recycled coffee bags in the garden as seating in summer, they may be looking forward to a cuddly cushion cover made of organic wool in winter. The less adornments, the easier it is to integrate pillowcases into an existing conception of space. Everything looks harmonious when the colours are matching to the carpets or with a wooden floor to other furnishings. And simple cushions are easier to care for! Minimalistic but visually impressive are pillow slips with small decorative elements such as wooden buttons, subtle prints and photo printing (environmentally friendly printing inks!) as well as striped or plain cushion covers. As a rule of thumb: The personal taste determines the desired appearance of the cushion cover and the personal need determines the size of the pillow. Cushion covers extend the life of stuffed pillows. The pillowcase protects the ticking against dust, dirt and abrasion. The cover can be exchanged quickly and is usually washable in the washing machine.

Eco-friendly Cushions & Covers – from supportive and protective to cuddly and sturdy

Speaking of functionality, to support optimally the head when lying, a neck cushions is a suitable tool. Neck support pillows and neck rolls filled with supple natural materials such as grains, cherry pit, natural rubber, down or wool covered with a pillowslip made of organic cotton relieve the strain on the neck and relax the shoulders. The neck supporting cushion can also be used as a knee cushion to relieve tired legs and aching knees. Additional support for the back is provided by one or more sofa cushions, which, when not in use, are pretty throw pillows. Reading, watching TV, but also breastfeeding the baby becomes much more relaxed. For the latter, there are special breastfeeding pillows, which already have a supportive effect during pregnancy. Whether during a short nap or at night – a side sleeper pillow and an ergonomically shaped pillow on the other hand help to sleep in a lateral position and ensure the right recreational effect.

For children, the functionality is in the background. Child-friendly cushions must be cuddly and sturdy enough to withstand a pillow fight and the popular "building caves". Very important for environmentally conscious and concerned parents: eco pillowcases and cushions filled with non-toxic fillings! This and other sustainability criteria will be met by organic cushions and eco-friendly cushion covers found at Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market.

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