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Cat Toys at Greenpicks

Species-appropriate cat toy

Apparently, cats are playful pets. But more likely, the desire to play comes from the hunting instinct. In contrast to the domestic cat, the cat in wild life can pursue unfettered and chase after each mouse. So that the fur demon also has enough movement in the apartment, eco cat toys promote the innate hunting instinct. In the joint game, it also strengthens the bond between cat owner and pet.

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Eco cat toys from sustainable production

Species-appropriate cat toys are characterized by a high quality and by an environmentally friendly production from harmless materials. The raw materials come from certified organic farming and from certified farm animal welfare and housing. These include, for example, organic cotton, sisal, hemp, bamboo and wool. Seals such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), IVN Best, MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®, Fairtrade, Bioland, and Demeter give animal lovers important information on certified organic practices, green manufacturing, and production conditions that are social, ethical and fair. Each of the organic labels sets different priorities with regard to dangerous to health ingredients and working conditions. One focus is on pollutants such as pesticides, chemical insect repellents, plastics, plasticisers, synthetic paints, adhesives, varnish, chlorine-containing bleaching and heavy metals. In the production of eco cat toys child labour and animal suffering are excluded. No animal may suffer for the pleasure of others. Because animal lovers are concerned with the health and wellbeing of their pets as well as other species.

Hunting, Lurking and Catching – Eco Cat Toys promote the natural instincts of velvet paws

The Greenpicks range of cat toys include traditional and creative products that support the health and physical fitness of the house cat. Cat tang, cat toy tumbler and cat nip toys are intended for playing together. Rolling cat toys such as balls and mouse without and with catnip and valerian stimulate the movement and contribute to mental balance. Ecological online shops also rely on unusual cat toys with shapes learnt by nature. Eggplant, cucumber, strawberry, melon and lemon as well as ham and salami are 100% vegan and STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO-TEX®. Even for purring henpecked cats, there are cat toys that prevent the cat from using cat owners' slippers. It is plain sailing, these eco cat toys promote the curiosity and creativity of kittens and senior cats. When the velvet paws are exhausted from the eventful playing, they can lay down in a cat bed basket or retire in one of the cat sleeping places, which of course are only available in organic quality at Greenpicks.

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