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Durable Collars for dogs

In addition to dog leashes collars belong to the basic equipment for dog owners. Collars for dogs are equipped with fastening rings and metal eyelets in which the leads are hooked. While the harness is more suitable for active dogs, the combination of lead and collar is appropriate for quiet and obedient dogs. Because they usually do not pull on a leash and do listen to the voice of mistress and master. In addition to width and length, the material for dog collars is an important criterion in terms of durability.

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Sturdy dog collars made of recyclable materials

Fortunately, there are sustainable alternatives to nylon collars. In addition to so-called eco leather, means vegetable tanned leather, as for leads and for dog collars kind of bioplastic is used. Biothane® dog accessories (a material well known in the equestrian sport and growing popularity in dog sports) combine the positive qualities of leather and nylon. The material developed by the American company Bioplastics is characterized by long-lasting criteria: It is tear-resistant, extremely sturdy, water-repellent and easy to care for. In addition, it is UV-resistant and remains supple even at minus temperatures. Further advantages: antibacterial and mold-free and therefore hygienic. The haptic of Biothane® is reminiscent of leather, but just without animal ingredients. That makes the Biothane® collars and dog leashes interesting for vegans. With appropriate leather care dog collars made of leather are also resistant and hardwearing.

Environmentally conscious dog owners can also resort to collars made of recycled materials. In upcycling, waste products or (apparently) useless fabrics are converted to new products, e.g. Canvas, Jeans, sailing rope, but also recycled nylon. After all, polyamide is also included in the recycling cycle with the recycling code 07. Thus, the upcycling of recycled materials into dog collars is a resource-efficient process that reprocesses already circulating raw materials.

Eco Dog Collars with different Functions

On the one hand the dog collar should correspond to the neck circumference of the dog. On the other hand, the width should be adjusted to the size of the dog and the breed. Especially for puppies, padded collars are comfortable to get used to during the first weeks of life. But even for slender, tall or strong four-legged friends padded dog collars offer a high wearing comfort and do not scrub. Collars with glowing features, such as LEDs or reflective properties, increase visibility when walking the dog in the twilight or darkness. A vermin collar is a preventive tool in the fight against fleas and ticks. Dog tick and flea collars that meet ecological criteria are not only made of an environmentally friendly material, but also provided with natural plant extracts as flea and tick prevention.

Dog Collar or Harness?

Which dog owner has not yet tormented with this question? And the answer is: It depends! The usage is situation dependent. In the case of a thoracic or back injury, the use for collars is indicative. In case of a neck injury, the harness becomes important to go walkies. Even in dog sports, there are the advantages and disadvantages of dog collar and harness that need to be pondered. Ideally, your dog is used to both variants. Virtually like the self-understanding of taking a dog waste bag with you when walking the dog. Greenpicks offers collars for dogs as well as leads and dog collars  in a set of ecological quality that combines sustainable and durable properties.

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