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Trousers at Greenpicks

Women’s trousers in organic quality for any occasion

Hardly a piece of clothing is probably more convenient for women than trousers. They are available in many different fits from shorts to trousers through to jeans. All suppliers at Greenpicks offer sustainably produced trousers made from organic cotton or other certified eco-friendly fabrics. Many products have been awarded the GOTS textile seal. Thus, eco-conscious designers commit to use materials and commodities of fair production. The use of chemicals is avoided or at least reduced. Transparent ways of production are also part of the standards of eco fashion as fair wages for producers.

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Fashionable and Casual Trousers for Women

In the past there have been periods in which the wearing of trousers for women was scorned or even banned. Trousers were not regarded as appropriate dress for the female sex. Not before the year 2013 a law in France was lifted that ban women wearing pants for example.

>If the much-loved eco jeans is not just the right piece of clothing also shorts and long-legged trousers for women made from organic cotton or organic linen and chinos or cargo pants can be found in the organic online stores at Greenpicks. If you prefer the classic look, you may enjoy jeans, corduroy pants and capri trousers in organic quality. The detailed descriptions will help you to find your favorite pants.

Leggings – the fashionable all-round talent

The leggings turn out to be particularly convenient and practical. The stretch pants huddle against the silhouette and guarantees a perfect fit. Made from organic cotton stretch they can be combined well with a wide top and platform shoes from vegan materials. Or in sandals and with a t-shirt they give a casual summer outfit. Warming leggins are often worn in winter with short skirts and hot pants. Leggings made from organic wool or organic cotton are in the cold season often worn as "underpants" in order to protect from extreme cold.

Thanks to the skin-tight fit leggings are proved very useful for some sports such as gymnastics, yoga, running and cycling. Special environmentally friendly and skin-friendly functional materials are breathable, absorb sweat and give it off to the outside.

The right women’s shoe – whether elegant or casual – but in any case fairly traded, from non-animal materials or compostable – can be found at Greenpicks. Also the stylish outerwear such as organic shirts or blouses that complete a fair outfit. Check it out!

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