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Christmas decoration at Greenpicks

Christmas decorations – festive and sustainable

Christmas is one of the most important celebrations for Christians. Wherever you are in the world, your house and farm are decorated traditionally for Christmas. Sustainable Christmas decorations create a cosy atmosphere.

Environmentally friendly Christmas decorations

For decades, it has been observed that decorations during Advent are becoming more and more lavish, colourful and kitschy. Unfortunately, the plastic content is very high and pollutes the landfill latest after New Year. Very few decorative objects can be recycled; most of them can only be used for thermal recycling.

Sustainable Christmas decorations are much more environmentally friendly. Materials such as the finest beech wood, Mediterranean olive wood, bamboo, eco-friendly paper, stainless steel, glass and metal contribute to a long-lasting benefit. Combined with ingredients from nature, every year the Christmas decoration gets a new look. Pine cones, autumn leaves, straw and twigs underline the naturalness. As window decorations, green and red tea light jars look particularly atmospheric. Framed by a hand-carved angel and small wooden decorative figures, the windowsill looks inviting. So don't be surprised if neighbours are in front of the door with home-made biscuits and a bottle of organic mulled wine for a cosy little chat.

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Eco-friendly Christmas decoration modernly interpreted

A collection of small hand-carved decorative figures such as gnomes, Father Christmases or angels symbolise the Advent season. Made of ecologically certified wood, they can be reused and arranged anew each year. Christmas decorations made of metal are just as durable as wood. The cool material paired with candles in vivid colours such as yellow, orange or red receives a warm touch.

Not quite as playful but very stylish is a deer head with large antlers made of recycled cardboard. The colourful decorative element is printed with vegetable inks (Soyseal certification) and unfolds its pretty effect even beyond the Christmas season.

Instead of glitter and artificial snow, candlesticks with large pillar candles create pure warmth. Decorated with natural seasonal elements, candle holders bring a festive ambience to any room.

The centrepiece of the festive interior decoration is usually the Advent wreath. Equipped with four organic candles, one more candle is lit every Sunday in Advent. This brightens up some gloomy days in the pre-Christmas season and saves the electricity needed for unnecessary LED fairy lights. If you like to decorate naturally, choose wooden Christmas decorations.

Christmas decorations and nativity scenes – varied and unique

On Christmas Eve itself, the nativity scene is at the centre of Christian decoration. Minimalist interpreted Christmas crib made of olive wood, hand-carved wooden crèche or do-it-yourself nativity scenes made of printed cardboard are decorative trendsetters that meet Greenpicks sustainability criteria in all aspects. The eco-friendly nativity scenes accompany you for a lifetime and can often be passed on to the next generation. If traditional Christmas decorations are combined with new elements, new decorative variants are created. Every year the play with colours and patterns makes the Advent season rich in variety and unique. Sustainable Christmas tree decorations such as baubles and pendants made of wood, metal or glass are colourful splashes of colour between the branches. Christmas tree decorations made of wood, straw and recycled materials give the Christmas tree a natural festive look.

Christmassy Room Scent

Cloves and tangerines give off a natural room scent that many people associate with Christmas. For this, a few mandarins or oranges are studded with cloves. Arranged on a wooden or porcelain plate and with a soy wax candle in the middle, a natural potpourri is created. Alternatively, a diffuser offers the possibility to bring your favourite scent into every room.

Sustainable room scent dispensers are made of wood, ceramic or porcelain. These materials are almost everlasting. In addition, an air freshener can be used all year round. This way, the air in the living room is always enriched with natural scents that match the mood or season. And thus supports the well-being in everyday life.

Decor for the Advent Paradise

Natural materials such as wood and straw have a particularly homely effect and harmonise well with classic or country furnishing, while metal or glass appear cooler and tend to be used in modern rooms. The modern living style is minimalist and elegant. Here, a straightforwardly designed Christmas nativity scene is the centre of attention. Soy wax candles on a shimmering metallic candle holder bathe the living room table in a festive light. Sustainable Christmas decorations at Greenpicks transform every home into a small, fine Advent paradise.

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