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Gift ideas for Easter at Greenpicks

Eco-friendly Easter gifts

What present do you give for Easter? Or do you make a gift anyway? – Because originally the Christians celebrate on Easter Sunday the resurrection of the body. However, over the centuries, the religious traditions developed into a popular Easter customs. And that includes in some parts of the world the Easter animal symbol – the Easter Bunny – as well as dyeing eggs and small gifts, especially for children.

Meanwhile, the dyeing of Easter eggs and Easter egg hunt as well as Easter decorations are traditional fixed components of the familiar festive custom. Tip: If you want to dye Easter eggs pollution-free and environmentally friendly, you can use natural colours such as amber for a light green colouring; curcuma makes the eggs yellow; you get intensely red-brown eggs with a decoction of red onionskins.

Not only Easter egg hunt is a journey of discovery for kids. They are most delighted, when they find a chocolate bunny, chocolate eggs and other sweets and small gifts in the hiding places. And also the adults like Easter to present small assiduities to their sweethearts, to grandchildren, grandma, grandpa and the best friend. This can be a home-cooked meal or homemade Easter basket filled with natural cosmetics or organic tea.

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Green gift ideas for Easter to the delight of man and nature

In order to be able to give ecologically at Easter, Greenpicks has selected for you green gift ideas for Easter. All products meet our sustainability criteria. It's really amazing how many alternative and sustainable gifts are available such as organic cosmetics, organic tea and herbs from certified organic cultivation or eco toys made of FSC-certified wood or produced in sheltered workshops. With eco-friendly gifts you can be sure that the recipients will receive a pollution-free and fair gif for Easter. A blessing for man and nature!

More sustainable gift ideas for babies, kids, women and men as well as for occasions like Christmas, birthday and Valentine’s Day can be found in our category gifts.

So that meaningful and ecological gift-giving becomes a joy.

Happy Easter! Joyeuses Pâques! Buona Pasqua! Feliz Páscoa! Glad Påsk! Glaedelig Påske! Frohe Ostern!

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