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♫♪♫ Summertime and the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high
Your daddy's rich and your ma is good lookin'
So hush, little baby, baby, don't you cry ♫♪♫

Who does not know this classic sung by Ella Fitzgerald? Most women associate summer time with casual and airy eco fashion. This also applies to holidays that many women like to spend at the beach or at the seaside. Even those who spend the best time of the year in their outdoor pool at home appreciate green clothing for the holiday. Sustainable labels have long proven that beachwear for women can be both ecological and chic at the same time. Beach dress, tunic or beach trousers, sun hat and sunglasses complement the swimwear. Beachwear can be quickly slipped on and turns beach fashion into an outfit suitable for the beach bar, stroll through the city and visits to churches and museums. Thus, you also respect the respective clothing rules of the holiday country.

Green fashion for the holiday for Conscious Consumers

Those who spend their holidays in nature, especially by the sea, will hardly be able to overlook one of the biggest environmental problems these days: plastic waste! To counteract this, for example, plastic is fished out of the sea and recycled. It will be used to make women's swimwear, bikinis and swimsuits as well as eco-friendly accessories such as sunglasses, cosmetic bags and toothbrush handles.

Also beachwear for women is sustainable. More and more conscious consumers are also turning their attention to beach fashion, which meets ecological standards and does not harm people or nature.

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Fashionable beach dresses, airy skirts and beach pants, plain coloured and patterned beach shirts, wrap dresses and bathrobes are made from organic cotton, bamboo, linen and hemp certified by Fairtrade and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Environmentally friendly and skin-friendly colours, which give beach fashion a bright design, are certified to NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST or at least to OEKO-TEX® standard proven on impermissible pollutants. This applies to both upcycled bikinis and beachwear made from recycled fibres. In order to not burn your feet on the hot sand on the way to the beach bar, you slip into toe separators, which are made of biodegradable bioplastics. If you want to do sports, shorts, top and a baseball cap are attached to protect against the sun.

Women's beach fashion and eco travel accessories for climate protection

For flights, the weight per person and suitcase is usually limited. Therefore, light beachwear and travel accessories are available, which can also be stored at the holiday destination in an upcycled beach bag. For cool evenings tunic and blouse complement the wardrobe. Casual enough for the club and beach party, combined with a blazer elegant for a sophisticated restaurant. The summer evening in a jumpsuit is particularly seductive: perfectly styled with just one fashionable key piece, which on top of that takes up little space in the suitcase. Even a wrap dress made of lightweight organic cotton can be a highlight at a beach party. In the spirit of sustainability simply set new trends boldly!

Tip: It is well known that flights damages the climate through the emitted greenhouse gases. If you actively support climate protection projects, you can compensate carbon emission. Alternatively for flying, you can use other means of transport or closer holiday destinations. Today environmentally conscious travelling marks the responsible consumer positively.

For every type of vacation, cosmetics and travel accessories are indispensable. Hair shampoo, shower gel, bamboo toothbrush, brush and comb, stainless steel drink bottles and foldable sandwich bags are popular alternatives to avoid plastic. So that your holiday will not only be unforgettable, but also climate-friendly, we have compiled travel accessories for sustainable travel under "I am going on a trip and I’m taking with me ...".

Organic beachwear: feminine, fair and environmentally friendly

When the beach becomes a catwalk, now it is the time to showcase your collection of new eco beachwear. Organic beach fashion for women emphasizes the feminine silhouette in a comfortable way and shows your conscious attitude towards fair and environmentally friendly beachwear. This will certainly put others in a holiday mood – even in the winter. Finally, bathrobe and wrap dress can be used in the hotel for the sauna and indoor pool. The right spa and beach outfit for relaxing hours can be found at Greenpicks.

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