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Women’s Glasses at Greenpicks

Sustainable Women's Glasses

Honestly, dear ladies, ever thought about sustainability when buying glasses and sunglasses? When choosing a spectacle frame often is in the foreground that it fits perfectly with the style and the face shape. Questions about environmentally friendly production from ecological materials usually fade into the background. In the meantime, however, eyewear manufacturers are taking ecological responsibility and producing women's eyewear from raw materials such as wood, horn, waste paper and recycled plastic. The eyewear design is in no way inferior to the conventional eyeglasses; However, due to various sustainability criteria, it deserves the predicate "Eco".

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Eco Eyewear made of natural materials and recycled materials

They are stylish and sustainable: eyeglass frames and sunglasses made of wood, horn, bamboo, cardboard, stone and recycled fabrics. Also, a spectacle frame made of stainless steel is considered sustainable, because the material is robust, lightweight, flexible and can be recycled without a loss. It can be processed very finely, so that almost all shapes can arise – from classic to modern to cheerful. Even glasses made of plastic is not to be demonized per se, if it is recycled plastic from old fishing nets, PET bottles, computer parts and the like. Plastic scores with its lightness and scope of design. Without the addition of toxic substances, plastic, like all other ecological materials, is skin-friendly and ensures a comfortable fit.

Eyewear designers use the great opportunity to give the eco-movement the right perspective. The word "eco" is now a rather broad term and better to comprehend with sustainability. This refers to local production as well as foreign production with fair wage and working conditions. It is produced with renewable energy or low energy consumption and organic or recycled raw materials.

Ethical Fashion Accessories for Women

Spectacle frames can be divided into three classes: full-rim eyeglasses, half-rim goggles and rimless or frameless. They are available as a classic vision aid and sunglasses with tint and lenses. The fashionable fair fashion accessories for women are almost unique, because each pair of glasses gives the wearer an individual look. Full-frame glasses emphasize accents in styling. Half-rim glasses have a frame in the upper half, the lower one is frameless. This design of the glasses receives a sporty note by the half frame and looks altogether more restrained than a full rim. Rimless glasses do without a frame and are therefore much lighter. Due to the filigree processing rimless specs always look classy and gentle.

Organic and vegan sunglasses for women

Eyewear designers use for eco-friendly and vegan sunglasses sustainable materials from certified organic farming and wood from FSC® certified suppliers. On some eyewear models adhesives, hinges and screws are replaced by rubber. It is set to durability, so that the lenses can be replaced if necessary. Handmade, made in Germany or fair made – each fashion label sets different priorities in terms of sustainability criteria. What makes most eyewear smithies so special is that they cooperate with the UNESCO "Plant A Tree" program, "Trees for the Future", Bergwaldprojekt e.V. and similar projects, and that a tree is planted for every lens sold.

1. Tip for Durabilty: Mostly your favourite sunglasses can be individually glazed by the optician of your confidence.

2. Tip for sun protection: In addition to the ecological material, you should always pay attention to the UV protection and the correct filter category when buying sunglasses! The filter category describes the intensity of the tint of the spectacle lens. If the model has the UV 400 marking, it filters UV rays with a wavelength of up to 400 nanometers, which includes UV-B and UV-A rays.

Eyewear Recycling and Upcycling: Creativity knows no limits!

Who decides for a cheap visual aid, which is acquired at the discounter, gets in case of doubt, no high-class workmanship, but must live with small defects. The same applies to sunglasses that are bought from the travelling salesman on the beach. Whichever eyeglass frame you choose, the eco eyewear for women and sunglasses offered at Greenpicks will be a wonderful eye catcher on your face.

And if your glasses have been decommissioned, maybe it's something for the eco style designer Stuart Haygarth. He recycles, or rather, upcycles old glasses into ornate chandeliers and lusters. Creativity knows no limits!

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