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Fair Trade and Organic Food & Beverages

Food and beverages are known to keep body and soul together. Those who want to treat themselves, or who are vegetarian or vegan, like to choose food and ingredients from certified organic sources. And maybe there is no organic supermarket, organic farm or organic cooperative nearby. Then you might want to browse the various organic online shops on Greenpicks Eco- and Upcycling-Market.

It is quick and easy to use: The information offered on the natural products is described in detail and the main organic certifications, such as Fair Trade and the EU Organic Regulation, can be found quickly among the criteria listed. One click is all it takes to fill your shopping basket with organic food, organic teas, organic herbs, and other culinary products.

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Organic products with organic labels and sustainability criteria

In addition to organic labels, sustainability criteria also play a role in choosing organic products: Is the packaging environmentally friendly and recyclable? Does the food meet FAIR TRADE criteria? Information on which sustainability criteria each organic product meets can be found under the product description in the Sustainability Criteria section.

Organic food and beverages are more than just a trend

People who eat organic food are primarily concerned about their health. But for a growing number of people, it is also important that organic food is produced in a fair and socially responsible way, that resources are used sparingly, and that production is as climate-friendly as possible. More and more consumers want to be able to understand the production process. After all, consumer behaviour has a major impact on which products are offered at all.

Fair trade is best known for coffee, tea and chocolate. But more and more foods are being produced according to FAIR TRADE criteria. To name a few: oil, vinegar, spices, herbs, yoghurt, drinks such as lemonade and wine, ice cream, honey, etc. So, when you discover organic food with the FAIR TRADE seal, you are getting fair products in organic quality.

Vegans and allergy sufferers, in particular, prefer naturally produced goods and can buy them from the individual organic online shops at Greenpicks. Here you will find a nice selection of animal-free products, organic food and organic cosmetics that have been produced without harmful additives.

Eco kitchen accessories for the healthy preparation of organic food

Anyone who wants to eat healthily and enjoyably will want to use the most environmentally friendly kitchen accessories possible when preparing and eating food. After all, no one wants to ingest microplastic particles that can be released from conventional plastic storage containers and other kitchen utensils. In this case, we offer eco kitchenware made from bioplastics and natural products such as wood and bamboo. Bioplastics are made from renewable resources. The advantage: Eco kitchenware made from bioplastics is biodegradable and recyclable and just as durable as kitchenware made from petroleum. A real plus for the environment and the organic kitchen! Nothing is impossible: lunch boxes, measuring cups, storage boxes, bowls, salad servers, mugs, jugs, plates, cutting boards and much more. Ideal for outdoor use, camping and picnics. Biodora and ajaa! are two manufacturers with a wide range of products.

If you prefer wooden kitchen utensils, Greenpicks has a wide range of eco kitchen accessories. From barbecue tongs and spatulas to wooden spoons, cutting boards and baking pans, everything is made from sustainably sourced wood (FSC®).

Bon appétit!

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