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Fair Trade and Organic Food & Beverages

Food and beverages keep body and soul together as is known. Who also wants to give oneself a treat or is vegetarian or vegan, is happy to reach for food and ingredients from certified organic agriculture. And perhaps no organic supermarket, organic farm or eco cooperative is nearby. Then browsing in the various organic online stores on Eco- and Upcycling-Market might help.

The handling is simple and fast: The information offered on the natural products are described in detail, the major organic certificates such as Fair Trade and EC Organic Regulation are quick to be found in the listed criteria. With one click the shopping cart fills with organic food, organic teas, organic herbs and other culinary products.

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Organic products with organic seal and sustainability criteria

In addition to the bioseals also sustainability criteria play a role in the choice of eco products: Is the packaging pollution-free and recycable? Are the foods in line with the FAIR TRADE criteria? Information about which sustainable criteria are met by the individual organic products can be found below the product description within the sustainability criteria.

Organic food and beverages are more than just a trend

Those who consume organic food, pay attention primarily to their health. But for more and more people it is just as important that organic food is produced fair and socially, that resources are handled carefully during the production and that it is produced as climate-friendly as possible. More and more consumers want to be able to understand the manufacturing process. For the end customer has a large influence with his consumer behavior on which products are offered at all.

Fair Trade is especially known for coffee, tea and chocolate. But more and more foods are produced according to the criteria of FAIR TRADE. To name a few: oil, vinegar, spices, herbs, yogurt, beverages like lemonade and wine, ice cream, honey etc. So if you discover organic food with the FAIR TRADE seal, you will receive fair products in organic quality.

Especially vegans and allergy sufferers prefer goods produced naturally and obtain them from the individual bio online shops at Greenpicks. Because here you will find a nice selection of animal free products or organic food and organic cosmetics, which have been produced without harmful additives.

Eco kitchen accessories for the healthy preparation of organic food

Those who value healthy and enjoyable diet, will also make sure to use eco-friendly as possible kitchen accessories in the preparation of food and in the intake of food. After all, nobody wants to take in micro- plastic particles with his food, which can break loose from conventional storage boxes and other kitchen utensils made of plastic. – For this case we have eco kitchen supplies made from bioplastics and natural products like wood and bamboo on offer. Bioplastics is made from renewable resources. The advantage: Eco kitchen accessories made of bioplastic is biodegradable and recycable and is just as durable as kitchen utensils manufactured from crude oil. A real plus for the environment and the organic kitchen! Here there is almost nothing that is not there: lunchbox, measuring cups, storage box, bowls, salad servers, mugs, jugs, plates, cutting board and much more. Of course also ideal for outdoor, camping and picnic. Biodora and ajaa! are by the way two manufacturers with an extensive assortment.

If you prefer more of wooden kitchen tools, finds a versatile offer of eco kitchen accessories at Greenpicks. Whether barbecue tongs, spatula, wooden spoon, cutting board, baking pan – everything made of wood from sustainable forestry (FSC).

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