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Gift ideas for Christmas at Greenpicks

Sustainable Gift ideas for a conscious Christmas

Every year Christmas is almost here. Looking for something special for Christmas? An alternative to annual gifts and consumerism for the feast? With a sustainable gift in favour of social projects or manufacturers who comply with environmental and sustainable production criteria, you make others and yourself happy.

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Christmas trees in eco-style

Even if it glitters and sparkles beautifully: Lametta, coated baubles and Christmas tree decorations made of conventional plastic are out of place at the environmentally friendly Christmas tree. Advent decoration made from conventional materials such as plumb or plastic cannot be returned to the natural cycle.

But nature and environmentally conscious manufacturers offer wonderful alternatives: In addition to nuts, cookies, fabric ribbons, fruits, there are figures made of paper, wood or straw. Small craft projects at home and abroad produce Christmas decorations from paper-mâché or recycled cotton. With this environmentally friendly Christmas tree ornaments Christmas trees can be beautiful and environmentally friendly decorated.

Pleasant hours with organic tea

The cosiness of a fall and winter day invite you to drink a cup of tea. Who wants to do something good for themselves and their guests, turns to organic tea. Certified organic tea is produced, for example, according to EU-Eco-Regulation on organic agriculture. These teas and herbs are from certified organic cultivation. This includes the waiver of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers, but also of genetically modified seeds. In addition, organic tea is packed in environmentally friendly cans or recyclable packages.

Make fair trade Christmas presents with gifts of a special kind

The Advent and Christmas season is not only contemplation but also consumerism and shopping marathon. Buy and pay without end ... and just after Christmas things will be exchanged or end up in the basement or the attic. The umpteenth tie serves all times for the next costume ball and the thousandth toy car will be sold on the next children's flea market.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, you maybe prefer to purchase from the Internet. Lying comfortably with laptop or tablet on the sofa, you can browse for exceptional eco products and unique imaginative upcycling items at Greenpicks. On the virtual shelves of the departments eco fashion, organic food, eco gifts as well as toys and fun there is definitely the perfect gift for Grandma, Grandpa, the grandchild or best friend. An eclectic selection of Green Lifestyle and home accessories offers the department home and living.

And even if you want to make a gift to yourself and your laptop, there are also laptop cases and backpacks made from environmentally friendly or recycled materials in the bag department.

And those who like to do handicrafts themselves, will probably find interesting suggestions in the individual eco shops at Greenpicks. Suddenly waste and worn-out garments are valuable starting materials. Old clothing become trendy upcycling fashion. And from waste products emerge great gifts and small items to give away or keep for yourself. Unique items and limited editions can be found in the department Upcycling. Especially at Christmas you can surprise friends and family with creative and unique items and conserve the environment at the same time. The imagination knows no boundaries.

By the way, Christmas presents can be packed smart and environmentally friendly with recycled paper, packaging boxes, wrapping paper or gift envelopes. Eco gift wrapping and greeting card sets of handmade paper give the organic Christmas present a personal touch.

Green Christmas – Sustainable Christmas – Merry Christmas!

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