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Girls (Size 104 - 188) at Greenpicks

Eco Children’s Fashion for for Princess and Cowgirl

Quite the mother, you can hear the maternal grandparents say. But that must not only be the similarity of facial features, character and behavior between mother and daughter. Girls like to be guided on their mother's fashionable outfit. Eco girl’s clothing makes it possible that your daughters dress girl-suitable and feel comfortable. Whether princess or cowgirl: For each type of girls, there are fitting children’s things. Chic dresses and skirts, casual t-shirts with prints and colourful details, comfortable and fashionable trousers and jeans, flattering and chic jackets and coats make the hearts of young girls beat faster. With eco accessories like stickers, buttons, hats and scarves young ladies emphasize their own tasteful style.

Girls Clothing in organic quality

Trendy, sporty and elegant girls fashion (size 104-188) are available for every season and every occasion. Whether for everyday life in kindergarten or school, sports or leisure or for parties or family celebrations – browse together with the little ones through the range of current and ecological kids clothes and compose the perfect outfit. Dresses, tops, T-shirts, jackets, blouses and pants, but also accessories are made of pollution-free materials according to valid eco standards for textiles. Organic girls clothing (size 104-188) are as durable and functional as conventional clothing for girls and teenager. Or you catch one of the popular unique upcycling fashion, with which every girl draws attention individually to itself.

For trips of any kind there are weatherproof clothing for the fall, warm jackets and wool hats for the winter and colourful little dresses, tops and pants made from organic cotton or organic linen for the summer. Accessories such as upcycling jewelery, scarves, shawls and cell phone cases add value to the outfit. Girls fashion in organic quality can be perfectly combined and is easy to maintain.

Nothing is lacking in eco-friendly clothing for girls. And if your girls outgrow, they will certainly make a strike at eco fashion for women.