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Dog Care at Greenpicks

Dog care from head to paw

Since the domestication of dogs over 20,000 years ago, dog owners have generally taken care of their pets. Few dogs are pure lap dogs and couch potatoes. Rather, a dog needs exercise in the fresh air. It takes long walks with his mistress or his master and walks unleashed through the forest and meadow. Not only the fur gets dirty, there is always the risk that it will catch bugs. And with that, dog care starts practically from head to paw.

Eco-friendly dog care and grooming supplies

Against the background of animal welfare and environmental protection, species-appropriate dog care is always a contribution to sustainability in keeping of dogs. This means that from the brush to vermin protection to care products, only environmentally friendly materials are used that are recyclable and biodegradable at the end of their useful life. In addition, many dog care products are vegan and free of genetically modified substances (GMO-free). The basic equipment for proper dog care includes the following products:

  • Brush and comb as well as dog shampoo or soap for grooming
  • Tick protection and vermin protection against mites and fleas
  • Products for paw care for the claws and pads
  • Dog toothbrush and toothpaste for dental care
  • Eye care products
  • Ear cleaning products
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Grooming – brushing, combing, grooming

Matched to the texture of the fur and the length of the hair, there is a suitable brush and dog comb for every dog breed. This allows you to comb the fur regularly. For short-haired dogs, this is usually enough once a week. Daily grooming is recommended for long-haired dog breeds. Combing and brushing removes dirt and dandruff from the fur prevents skin irritation.

After each walk, it is important to examine the loyal four-legged friend for flea and ticks and other parasites. With regularly groomed fur, bugs are easier to spot than in matted hair. If you can't do without plastic bristles for grooming, you can still use a wooden brush body for a dog brush. In keeping with sustainability, this wood comes from sustainably managed forests, recognizable by the FSC® or PEFC seal.

Natural protection against vermin, flea and tick

A dog can hardly escape them: Flea, ticks, parasites and mites love to nest in the dog fur. That is why it is necessary in daily grooming to check the dog's fur regularly for these insects that are harmful to dog’s health. Special spot-on preparations have a preventive effect against ticks, mites and fleas. In the meantime, ecological spot-on products have replaced the chemical agents. Vegetable ingredients from certified organic farming in the flea and tick treatment are just as effective and do not pollute the dog or nature with chemicals. A flea & tick collar is also a good preventive measure.

Unfortunately, there is no one hundred percent protection against flea and ticks. If you find something in daily grooming, the owner should act immediately before the dog's health is damaged. Special flea shampoo helps with fleas. A special tick tong or tick puller makes it easier to remove the bloodsuckers.

Natural dog shampoo with bioactive ingredients

Comparable to human hair care products, dog shampoo should be free of allergy-causing substances and should not contain paraben, phenoxythanol, silicone, phatalates and BPA. Dog shampoo in glass bottles and dog soap bars are ideal for dog owners who also want to reduce plastic waste.

Environmentally compatible and skin-friendly dog shampoos and soaps can be recognized by the EU organic seal. The ingredients come from certified organic cultivation that complies with the EU guidelines for organic farming. Natural dog shampoos are developed on the basis of bioactive ingredients and natural ingredients. A plus for dog fur and the environment. Similar to humans, hair wash with chamomile, coconut, jojoba, verbena and aloe vera have a calming effect on sensitive animal skin. If you want to rule out that dog soap does not contain any animal ingredients, pay attention to the Peta approved vegan seal. The Leaping Bunny quality seal also stands for cruelty-free shampoos. The vegan seal should be clearly visible on the dog shampoo bottle.

Paw care from the claws to the pad of paws

Different weather effects as well as snow, ice and hot tar put the paws to an acid test. Accordingly, a certain attention should be paid to paw care. The dog also sends clear signals when it has a problem with its paw. Frequent licking or chewing on a paw could indicate that he bits of broken glass. This is removed with a tweezer. Then the paw is treated with a paw palm in organic quality that prevents infection with purely natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients. The bandage is fixed with a sock so that the dog does not remove the bandage itself so quickly.

In winter, a paw relieving dog spray protects the pad of paws from road salt. Paw relieving dog balm with purely natural ingredients, such as beeswax, propolis, arnica, protects cracked and dry paws. Ingredients such as calendula, marigold blossoms, chamomile blossoms and beeswax protect sensitive animal skin and the pad of paws remain soft and smooth. The EU organic label and other internationally valid eco labels certify paw care products that are ecologically safe and contain raw materials from certified organic farming.

If the hair on the paws is particularly long, they can be carefully shortened using a special paw scissor with rounded tips. This means that foreign bodies have fewer chances of getting stuck.

Claw care is also part of paw care. Because unlike in the wild, the domesticated dog often lacks the possibility to sharpen its claws. With a special claw forceps and some practice, the dog owner can trim himself the claws of his four-legged friend. If you still lack the experience, the vet can show you how to cut the dog‘s claws.

Organic dental care products for dogs

Proper dental care is not only necessary for humans, but also for pets. In addition to broken teeth, plaque and tartar, species-appropriate dental care for dogs also prevents gingivitis and denture problems. The basic equipment includes a dog toothbrush and special dog toothpaste. As with all dog care products, there are ecological alternatives for animal tooth cleaning that use certified organic ingredients and use sustainable materials. For the small dog's mouth, a finger toothbrush or a tooth cloth are a practical alternative to the dog toothbrush.

If the dog doesn’t put up with brushing his teeth, use the dog’s natural chewing instinct for dental care. Special chewing sticks or chewing of cattle or buffalo skin, for example, support natural tooth cleaning. Vegan people would also like to use vegetable chewing snacks for dental care snacks. There are chewing snacks with vegetables, potatoes and seaweed. The consistency of the chew items is crucial for the natural dental care of dog teeth. The harder, the longer the dog chews on it and the softened tartar is removed by chewing itself. This species-appropriate dental care is a pleasant and sensible activity for the dog and makes it easier for the owner to take preventive measures and also a treatment at the veterinarian, if necessary.

The EU organic label also shows that the ingredients for dental care products for dogs come from ecological agriculture.

Keep dog's ears clean

When the dog roam about the forest or tall grass, dirt and ticks can also nest in the ears. That is why regular ear care is important to avoid inflammation and other diseases. It is usually sufficient to rinse the dog's ears with lukewarm water.

Also organic ear cleansing with purely natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, lavender and chamomile are helpful. Mixed with distilled water, the liquid is dripped into the auricle, which triggers a shaking reflex in the dog. This removes particles that mistresses and masters can remove with a cotton pad. Tea tree oil, like lavender oil, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Recommendable are ear lotions for dogs, whose ingredients are from certified organic farming and are certified by appropriate organic seals. In addition, the dog's ear irrigation should not contain any artificial preservatives, fragrances and dyes. This ensures that no toxic ingredients from conventional cultivation, such as pesticides or chemical fertilizers, burden the dog organism.

Plant-based eye care for dogs

Unless the dog has eye problems or increased tear fluid production, daily eye care takes little time. It is usually enough to wipe the corners of his eyes with a lint-free cloth in the morning. Beforehand it is pleasant for the dog if the cloth is dipped in lukewarm water.
Ingredients like Euphrasia also known as eyebright, as well as with hazel relieve eye irritation and prevent inflammation. Euphrasia has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces excessive tear production. The mild cleanser for dog eyes with natural ingredients from certified organic cultivation is without side effects and harmless for the sensitive eye area.

Appropriate dog care in harmony with nature

Every dog breed needs appropriate care. While long-haired dogs focus on grooming, others need a natural dog paw relieving balm or an organic dog shampoo. If dog owners respect the environment just as much as their beloved four-legged friend, you will find organic grooming supplies at Greenpicks that always keep in view the best for dogs and the environment in harmony with nature. Investments in sustainable products and ecological dog care products are a green alternative to conventional dog care products because they last longer and are more ecological.

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