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Organic Baby Leggings, probably the most comfortable trousers

Baby leggings are next to the jogging pants probably the most comfortable trousers for newborns and toddlers. When crawling and romping they stand every movement. As an alternative to tights they can be combined with skirt and dress. This emphasizes in the case of little girls the female side, as they often want to be dressed in this age as their mother. But with a T-shirt with print and plain coloured leggings you can kick about, seesaw and romp just as well. The allrounder warms in the winter when they are worn under jeans and baby cloth trousers instead of tights and replaces at the same time the long underpants. In late summer and autumn, when the days are getting cooler, the popular look of wearing leggings under shorts can be applied to babies.

Because this legwear are naturally tight on the skin, especially for babies you should trust on harmless and skin-friendly materials. Possible are all the raw materials labeled by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Fair Trade and NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST such as organic cotton, organic linen, hemp, a mixture of wool and silk and TENCEL®, a fiber of botanical origin. As a globally oriented marketplace, at Greenpicks you will of course find other organic seals that certify pollutant-tested and environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes. Details can be found on every baby leggings within the sustainability criteria.

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Fashionable all-rounders for baby legs

Leggings for babies and toddlers are true all-rounders. Like baby sweatpants they are the perfect companion for playgroup and baby gymnastics. The baby leggings cling to the skin and do not crinkle, which would be annoying when crawling. The tight fit is elastic and at the same time hardwearing and extremely durable. Unlike other pants, baby leggings adjust and soften any movement. They give enough space for romping and climbing. As a fashionable all-rounder, you can combine them with a long-sleeved shirt, T-shirt, sweater, dress, skirt or shorts. If you bring the leggings in contact with girls fashion, but also many parents have discovered the tight pants for their boys. Because the practical advantages are obvious. And in terms of design, the selection ranges from plain leggings to prints with wild animals to comic motifs.

Baby leggings are to a certain extent "trousers that grow with the newborn" and thus get a resource-efficient character. The initially normal-length leggings become 7/8 or 3/4 variants as the child grows. What used to be warming leggings under the baby jeans can be worn with shorts and skirts next spring and summer.

The baby sweatpants are the sportive sister of leggings

In the broadest sense, the baby sweatpants could be described as the sportive sister of leggings. The sporty baby sweatpants are the ideal companion for active babies and toddlers. Unlike the baby leggings, the joggers is cut wider. For a perfect fit, it closes at the waist and legs with elastic cuffs. For the classic childlike activities such as crawling, romping, climbing, sliding around on the floor, the baby sweatpants provide plenty of freedom of movement and have enough room for a bottom with nappy. Soft materials such as organic cotton, plush or fleece offer the highest wearing comfort. Organic baby sweat pants are like leggings produced according to ecological criteria. They meet the requirements of vegan baby fashion. Organic certified baby sweatpants ensure that neither man nor nature were damaged, from cultivation through processing to the finished product.

Baby leggings and baby sweatpants are fashionable and sporty all-rounders

Baby leggings and baby sweatpants are real all-rounders, which are a useful addition for birth (layette) and in the children's wardrobe. And if your little bundle of joy has outgrown of the comfy baby trousers, you could sell leggings and sweat pants at the kids flea market or bring them to the local clothing donation. Other kids will feel as comfortable as yours used to.

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