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Drinking Bottles at Greenpicks

Drinking bottles in sustainable quality

Refillable bottles must meet sustainable quality criteria and withstand specific stress. Annoying when the bottle leaks and the contents of backpack and satchel are soaked. Even more annoying and, above all, harmful to health are drinking bottles containing the hormonally effective bisphenol A (BPA). If it is released, it can be absorbed into the body by drinking the fluid. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), some of which are considered to be carcinogenic, are also to be avoided.

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BPA-free bottles

Water bottles are a dime a dozen. However, in terms of sustainability and pollutant-free conditions, here separates the wheat from the chaff. The environmentally friendly alternatives to the disposable plastic bottle are bottles which are BPA-free, food-safe, and easy to clean. The alternatives are water bottles made of glass (possibly with a cork or neoprene sleeve), flaks made of stainless steel and BPA-free drinking bottles made of recyclable bioplastics. From an ecological perspective, drinking bottles made of glass or stainless steel perform well because the materials can usually be recycled. Also bottles made from Cradle to Cradle certified PP polypropylene have a good environmental balance.

Refillable non-toxic bottles

Whether printed with funny figures, whether bright red or colorful, the range of refillable water bottles at Greenpicks is multifarious. Whether for home or on the road, for the little ones at school, at the office, during sports or on holiday – from 300 ml to 1 liter bottles, all standard filling volumes are represented. Also refillable cups with thermal properties for the coffee to go or a cool beer at the picnic fulfill our sustainability criteria. Most drinking containers are dishwasher-proof.

Reusable bottles for tap water instead of fizzy water from the supermarket

At Greenpicks, there are only refillable drinking bottles and cups that meet the aforementioned sustainable quality criteria. A plus for health and the environment. Because with every disposable plastic bottle from the supermarket and every single-used takeaway coffee cup, we harm our health in the long term and cause preventable waste. Also, in many countries tap water has better quality than bottled water. Since it is obvious that you should drink more tap water than fizzy water from the beverage shop. Always available, cheaper and it reduces plastic waste!

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