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Sustainable Girls' Shirts – Allrounder in organic kids clothing

They are the allrounder in the girls' wardrobe. Girls' T-shirts are part of the basic equipment because they can be easily combined with skirt and trousers. T-shirts, tops and long-sleeved T-shirts are also a nice eye catcher in combination with a cardigan. And in varying temperatures, they are a warming layer below a children's sweatshirt or hoodie. A large selection of different designs, colours and patterns makes it possible for girls to wear t-shirts for all occasions. Whether at school or in leisure time, for meeting friends or for a family celebration – organic tees for girls are a real allrounder. In order that the young ladies may enjoy them for a long time, the uncomplicated garments should meet a number of sustainable requirements.

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Skin-friendly natural fibres for girls' tees

While girls primarily pay attention to which T-shirt they like and which feels comfortable to the skin, sustainability is paramount for parents. Shirts made from organic cotton, hemp or other natural fibres convince both.

Bright colours, beautiful patterns and strikingly prints inspire the girls. And parents can recognize from the certified organic cotton that it has been grown and processed without harmful substances. Seals such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), the Green Button (in Germany der Gruene Knopf) or the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD test the raw materials up to the finished product in different characteristics. Fair trade cotton bears the Fair Trade seal. This ensures that the farmers receive a fair price for the raw materials, which ensures their existence. The colours used are skin-friendly and environmentally friendly, i.e. nontoxic or harmful substances are added to the dyeing process. Organic cotton is not only kinder to the skin than conventional cotton, it is also durable, hard-wearing, breathable and dimensionally stable.

Double sizes ... and the T-shirt grows with the girl

A girl's T-shirt has to fit in every situation: whether romping and playing, doing sports, at the first date, for the first dance lesson and when being lovesick. Depending on the whim, it sometimes has to offer a lot of freedom of movement, at another time it has to be form-fitting. And because children grow so quickly, it is often necessary to replenish T-shirts faster than parents would like. At Greenpicks, many girls' shirts are designed in double sizes. Initially, the shirt sits loosely and casually and almost overnight, the shirt fits. The child's burst of growth makes it possible. Shirts in double sizes can simply be worn longer. This saves natural resources and spares parents an early new purchase.

Styling tip: The more playful details, applications, glitter prints and sequins, the more environmentally harmful is a girl's T-shirt. Because the adornments often consist of materials that are difficult to recycle. Ornate T-shirts also emit tiny particles during washing – so-called microplastics – into the washing water. Cool prints of princesses, fairies, horses, cartoon characters, unicorns and funny sayings are more environmentally friendly and just as stylish. Because nowadays the prints can be applied to the T-shirts with non-toxic colours in environmentally friendly printing processes.

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